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Heroin Addiction Treatment In Montreal, Quebec

Not only will heroin addiction ruin the life of the drug addict, but it also sets off a domino effect that disrupts the life of the people surrounding the addict. If the heroin problem in cities such as Montreal becomes large enough, it can affect the city’s reputation and decrease the number of tourists it gets each year. The sooner the addict gets admitted into one of Montreal’s heroin addiction treatment programs, the better it is.

Montreal being a large city, there are different options for heroin treatments and since the finances of the average heroin addict are often strained, most addicts take advantage of the several government-run drug treatment programs that the city has available. The addict will first go through a detox program where they are going to have to stop taking the heroin cold turkey. This type of detoxification can trigger some pretty severe withdrawal symptoms that will cause the addict to become very ill. They will also experience intense cravings. During this period of time, their health will be closely monitored by the staff. The staff is also responsible for providing the addict with some basic counseling, which will be continued and intensified in the next leg of their journey.

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By the time the worse of the addict’s withdrawal symptoms have finally passed, the addict will be transferred to a residential rehabilitation program. In Montreal, the government-funded rehab programs run for twenty-eight days, and the addict gets cognitive behavior therapy treatment and will be strongly urged to partake in government-funded outpatient drug rehab as well as becoming involved in a narcotics support group.

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