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Heroin Addiction Treatment Centers In Quebec

Choosing a drug treatment program in Quebec can be confusing, mostly because there are lots of different options. However, having options is also a good thing. Different people respond differently to different types of treatment. The better you understand the differences between the various types of heroin addiction treatment that are available in Quebec, the easier it will be to pick one that is perfect for you when you decide that it is time to get some help with your heroin addiction.

The most common types of heroin addiction treatment programs in Quebec are the ones that are government-funded. These drug treatment programs are divided into three different sections; detoxification, residential rehabilitation, and outpatient rehabilitation. The residential program usually lasts for twenty-eight days, and the outpatient programs can run for three months. The biggest appeal to these programs is the fact that everyone who is addicted to heroin will be accepted into the program no matter what their economic situation might be. There is generally a waiting list for the government-funded drug treatment programs.

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There are also several private heroin addiction treatment programs in Quebec; these programs vary in the type of heroin treatment they offer as well as the length of time that they run. Most of the private programs in Quebec are residential programs, and many of them combine a variety of drug rehabilitation techniques. Most experts prefer longer residential programs because they feel they are the most effective when it comes to heroin addictions.

Holistic programs are becoming increasingly popular. These programs use many techniques that were originally developed in Eastern Asia. The goal of holistic drug rehab is to heal the entire patient as well as treating them for their heroin addiction. Holistic programs are long-term residential programs.

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