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Heroin Addiction Treatment In Regina, Saskatchewan

Heroin addicts often make the mistake to think that they are capable of getting over their addiction to heroin without ever having to set foot in one of Regina’s heroin addiction treatment program. As far as the addict is concerned the only thing they have to do is stop taking heroin, and they feel that it is something they can do all by themselves. This is always a very bad idea.

While there are several reasons why a person should never assume that they do not need the help of a Regina heroin addiction treatment program, an important one is that the addict has no way of knowing how well they are going to come through the detoxification process. When addicts suddenly stop taking a drug, like heroin, they enter something called withdrawal, the symptoms of which can be very violent. It is not unusual for an addict to be hospitalized while they are going through withdrawal.

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The people who work in the heroin detox programs in Regina are trained to keep a close eye on all the addicts who are admitted into the program. They monitor the addict’s physical and mental well-being and do everything they can to make the withdrawal process as pleasant as possible. In addition to monitoring the addict’s physical well-being, the staff is also trained to start providing the patient with some counseling. The counseling will continue when the addict is moved to one of Regina’s residential drug rehab programs where the very nature of the addict’s heroin addiction is examined. The hope is that the more the heroin addict understands about their addiction, the better their chances are of never using heroin again.

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