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Heroin Addiction Treatment In St. Catharines, Ontario

Heroin addiction is a very serious problem, and it should not be taken lightly. It is also something that the addict should not try to get over on their own. The best thing a heroin addict can do is get themselves enrolled in either a government-funded or privately funded heroin addiction treatment.

No matter what kind of drug treatment program the heroin addict chooses, they are going to have to do a stint in the detoxification center. This is an important part of the heroin addiction treatment process. It is during this phase that the addict starts to undo what years of drug damage have done to their body. Just because they are doing something good, it does not mean that their body will appreciate it. While the addict is going through the worst of their heroin addiction withdrawal symptoms, the staff of the detox center will carefully monitor them and make sure that they are safe. As soon as the detox staff thinks the addict is ready, arrangements will be made to transfer the addict to one of the St. Catharines residential rehabilitation programs where they will be educated about the nature of their heroin addiction.

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Most residential programs are short, too short really to provide an adequate amount of counseling that the addict needs if they are truly going to be able to get over their addiction. To help increase the chances of the addict not turning back to heroin or some other drugs, the addict is urged to enroll in one of St. Catharines outpatient programs, which can provide another ninety days of counseling. While the addict is attending their outpatient counseling sessions, they should also be starting to attend a meeting of their local support peer group which they should plan on remaining an active part of for the rest of their life.

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