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Heroin Addiction Treatment In Windsor, Ontario

Its proximity to Detroit does not help Windsor’s reputation when it comes to drugs. Most of Canada assume that drugs are easy to come by in Windsor, and therefore, many of the people who live there are addicted to heroin. The truth is that their drug problem is not nearly as bad as many people would expect. The one good thing about living in Windsor is that if you are addicted to heroin, you have lots of options when it comes to heroin addiction treatments.

Drug rehabilitation programs that call themselves holistic are starting to generate some interest. These programs do not look like the traditional drug rehab programs that many people are accustomed to. Yes, therapy and counseling are a big part of the process as one of Windsor’s holistic rehab programs, but so is nutrition, meditation, and exercise. Holistic drug rehabs are trying to heal the entire person and not just the part that is addicted to heroin. The hope is that if the whole person is healed, they will be far less likely to start using heroin again after they have been released from the program. Most holistic drug treatment programs are very long term. Some heroin addicts have found that their holistic drug treatment was just what they needed finally to kick their heroin addiction habit, while others found that they did better when they stuck to more traditional treatment.

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In addition to holistic drug treatment programs, Windsor also has several long-term and short residential treatment programs. The long-term programs are generally private programs which some insurance policies cover. The short-term programs are generally twenty-eight-day long residential rehab government-funded programs, which are covered by the Canadian Health-Care Plan. The short term program should be followed by an outpatient rehab program.

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