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Holistic Drug And Alcohol Treatment Services In Northwest Territories

Throughout most of the Northwest Territories are limited resources, and this is because there are many small and remote communities despite the large city, it is hard to provide the necessary treatment services to help treat every type of addiction from moderate to severe problems. For the individuals living within these communities; because there are not resources available throughout, men and women at all ages who are battling an addiction can find it demanding to get out of addiction and remain sober when they do. One method of drug rehabilitation that has proven to be successful in treating addiction is the holistic treatment method, which incorporates itself with other methodologies to treat men and women battling addiction. Within the Northwest Territories, there are few treatment programs that can offer holistic rehabilitation methods. The outpatient and inpatient centers operating within the state offer different methods of rehabilitation to treat men, women, and adolescents. One of the main focuses of holistic treatment is to rehabilitate the mind, body, and spirit, and this is the direction of which these particular facilities will go to help their patients.

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What type of treatment is holistic rehab considered?

In many cases, holistic drug rehabilitation can be considered alternative treatment or non-tradition drug rehab, and this is because most facilities do not typically provide a traditional model of treatment as part of their therapy. These types of treatment facilities tend to focus on the individual as a whole, offering treatment methods that will heal the mind, body, and spirit. The drug rehabilitation facilities providing holistic treatment will tend to put attention on physical health, which includes acupuncture, yoga, spa treatment, wilderness therapy, meditation, and physical health routines. This is incorporated as part of the mental rehabilitation so as well-rounded treatment is provided. A healthy body and a healthy mind contribute to help a former addict maintain his or her sobriety after rehabilitation. Holistic rehabilitation options are typically offered through inpatient and outpatient facilities, whether it is long-term and short-term treatment.

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