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How Can I Convince My Friend or Loved One That He or She Should Get Help for His or Her Drug Addiction?

The easiest way to convince someone to accept help for their drug addiction is to stage an intervention. There are two different types of intervention. The first type is what is known as direct intervention. In this type of intervention, an individual's closest friends and loved ones all gather before the intervention to write out their grievances with the individual.

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Essentially, each person will write a letter to the addict, stating the ways in which they have been harmed by the person's addiction, and how it felt when the individual chose the addiction over people he or she loved. This type of direct intervention has become popular in recent years due to reality television showcasing it. Drug rehab centers in Canada often recommend this type of intervention as the most effective way to convince someone to accept help for his or her addiction.

There is a second type of intervention that can be used to convince people with a drug abuse problem to accept help. This type of intervention is called an indirect intervention because the drug rehab counselor works with the individuals in the addict's life rather than the addict him or herself. This serves two purposes: first, it helps eliminate the codependent behavior from the people closest to the addict.

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