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How Do You Become Addicted to Oxycontin?

OxyContin is a pain reliever that is used to alleviate chronic back pain and other ailments such as those that could be sustained in some type of accident. Most people who are prescribed OxyContin pain relievers do not get addicted to them. However, if you begin taking a higher dosage than recommended and closer together than advised, your brain is going to send signals to your body that it needs more and more OxyContin. This is how you get addicted.

If you are taking OxyContin, make sure you under a doctor's care, and that you are honest about the amount you are taking. If you feel like you need more, do not listen to your body, which is getting mixed signals from your brain, talk to your doctor and let him listen to the right sounds from your body.

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OxyContin has a similar makeup to heroin and morphine. Definitively, OxyContin alleviates pain and causes a “high” feeling. Some people who take it have discovered that crushing the tablets makes the pain reliever part occur faster, but this is dangerous as it can mislead the body and cause an overdose. What OxyContin does is time-release its pain-relieving formula but sometimes a person's body takes the mixed signals from the brain as saying, “more now” as well as the euphoric high a person can get from it. This can often turn OxyContin into an illicit drug instead of the pain-relief medication it was intended to be.

Because OxyContin is a prescription drug, it is, unfortunately, easier to get than a lot of other more illicit drugs. A person may even fake pain in order to get a prescription or pretend they have continuing pain if they did have a real problem in order to keep getting the OxyContin.

How do you become addicted to OxyContin? By not following the time frame of taking the prescription, by crushing the tablets and snorting them, by taking more and more of it so that you are on a constant feeling of high instead of using it as it was intended to alleviate pain. The mixed signals sent from the brain to the body have you believing you need it more and more or you simply just like the euphoric feeling it gives you. Whichever route it takes, the addiction is taking place in your body. As easy as it is to become dependent and addicted to OxyContin, you will find it is also one of the most difficult drugs to withdraw from as well.

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