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How Fast Can a Person Get Addicted to Heroin?

Of course, exactly pinpointing this question to a specific time frame would not give a full picture. Every person in British Columbia is different and so every person will react differently to heroin. There is a definite possibility that one could become addicted to heroin from just the first use. Heroin is an opiate and when it is used, a great amount of dopamine Definition of the word dopamine is released, and it creates a great sense of euphoria and pleasure in the user. If a person is prone to addiction, a rush like that can be of such intensity that the user will often want to get it repeatedly. This is often how heroin addiction starts.

It then evolves into a physical addiction more than a psychological one. It takes a little longer for a person to develop this physical tolerance for the drug. However, at this point, the person will feel pretty intense withdrawal symptoms when they stop taking the drug, so they will take more. They will also have to increase the amount of heroin they take in order to reach a high comparable to the first one they got.

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Therefore, although heroin addiction can start pretty early on for people in British Columbia, it will develop into a stronger and stronger addiction over time. This is why attending a heroin rehab treatment in British Columbia is the safest way to go, even if a person just started being addicted to heroin.

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