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How Hard Is It to Detox from Oxycontin?

You have become addicted to OxyContin. Whether it was due to a chronic pain condition or simply the fact that you enjoyed the high that taking it got you, there is no doubt that you are addicted. All you can think about is getting your next snort or taking more capsules. All you yearn for is more, more, MORE. It takes over your life, and you find yourself becoming defensive when others try to talk to you about it. You begin lying to family and friends about your finances, your amount of consumption of the pain reliever. You are addicted and are now facing that. So the question you may be asking yourself now is, how hard is it to detox off OxyContin?

The first thing to understand is that OxyContin in and of itself is a dangerous drug because it is morphine based. Intended to relieve pain in those who suffer from cancer and other chronic painful ailments, it is a highly powerful drug. So one should not attempt to detox on his or her own. It is highly advisable from both a medical and psychological viewpoint to detox under the guidance and care of health professionals.

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Detoxing is a withdrawal period that involves completely ridding a body of all toxins related to the drug that has taken control of the body, in this case, OxyContin. Once a complete physical has been done to see if there are any underlying medical conditions or a need for dual diagnosis Definition of the word dual diagnosis to be treated, detox is the first step in a rehab program.
OxyContin withdrawal is one of the hardest, but it can definitely be done, however, it should be done with professionals on hand because of the serious withdrawal side effects involved. Many of the symptoms are like a severe case of the flu, vomiting, diarrhea, nausea, and coughing. Other side effects of withdrawing include depression (another good reason to justify detoxing under the watchful eyes of professionals), heart palpitations and joint and muscle pain.

Yes, it is hard to detox off OxyContin but compared to trying to do it by yourself, detoxing and getting clean in a professional rehab treatment center is better for you physically and mentally and garners a much higher degree of success as it is nearly impossible to detox on one's own. Make a call to a helpline today. You can detox from OxyContin with help from those who care and know what they are doing in a safe environment. You will not be disappointed, and it will be one of the best decisions you ever made.

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