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How Is Cocaine Produced?

Cocaine is one of their drugs that more and more people are becoming addicted to. There are some who don’t know enough about the drug to even know why it’s a problem, how it’s a problem or even how it’s made. To help someone who is addicted or to help yourself when you are addicted you have to know the basics, and this includes how the drug is made as you learn how addicting it can be. This is what we aim to do.

The first thing many don’t know is that there are over two hundred plants that are family with the cocaine plant. They are of the Erythroxylum species and seventeen of the over two hundred plants can be used to make this drug. Most of the cocaine that is made is made in South America. Here is what happens.

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About four to six times a year, leaves of the coca plant are taken, and then the process begins. First, the leaves are crushed, chopped, and pounded. They are then added to a solution of alcohol, gasoline, kerosene, which is then used to separate the drug from the leaves.

When they do this, what is left is the liquid cocaine. You might also find that there is a waxy material that is often removed. They can do this by cooling the mixture. What you want is that waxy material alone as this is known as the cocaine alkaloid Definition of the word alkaloid . They are then taken and treated with kerosene. They then take out the kerosene and the crystals that are left are then dissolved, which gives you an acid which is mostly cocaine.

From here, they take the freebase cocaine and turn it into a salt. This salt is called hydrochloric cocaine. It has to be turned into this because if it was left like this, then it would lose the effect that it has on the people who do this drug. Sometimes, they turn it into water soluble. Then when it is sold, a person just simply injects it. The reason that many inject it is that it goes into the blood stream quicker, and the high is more intense.

When its free base and turned into hydrochloric cocaine, you will find that it is then treated with chemicals. You might be surprised as to what chemicals they put into it. For instance, many add ammonia and ether to it. Some add baking soda. These are the types that are normally smoked. A lot of what is used to make this process depend on what is readily available to those who are making it and then dealing it.

Now you have a basic understanding as to how this is done. This can be really good to know as many who do this drug don’t even know that they are taking other harmful chemicals into their system. Now, what do you think of this drug? It’s nice to be educated as to what goes into your body. Isn’t it? We thought so that’s why we had to educate you. There some good treatment for cocaine addiction in Alberta that can help you regain your self-esteem and your life.


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