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How Do You Deal with Alcoholism in Your Home?

Alcoholism is considered by medical experts to be a chronic disease that makes you dependent on alcohol. One gets obsessed with the substance, without any control over the consumption, and even when the affected person is aware of the negative effects of the disease on his or her health, social relations, and finance.

The problem of Alcoholism has been found to affect individuals from all walks of life. And, the problems associated with Alcohol abuse include financial issues, physical abuse, and emotional abuse. It is never going to be easy to deal with an alcoholic parent, but still, there are ways to improve the family environment.

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When you want to help your parent to deal with Alcoholism, it would be helpful to encourage him/her to express the reasons that fuel the use of alcohol. You must understand the there is a difference between tolerating an alcoholic parent and displaying compassion. They can be encouraged to reduce the amount of drinking gradually, but not all at once.

Most parents suffering from Alcoholism tend to blame their children for this chronic disease. And, children also tend to feel guilty for the condition of their parents. However, it is important for you to understand that it may not be your fault. It is your parent who chose to drink, and not you. It is a characteristic found in alcoholics that instead of taking the blame they level blames on others.

It is important to note that you shouldn’t depend on an alcoholic parent; unless and until he/she has proven that he/she can be depended upon. For instance, if you are leaving for an outing, and you need your parent to pick you up, it is crucial that you create a backup plan if he/she gets drunk.

Even when your parent is undergoing alcohol addiction treatment, avoid engaging in any kind argument with him or her. It is worth noting that he/she may not remember the argument in the future.

You must talk to your alcoholic parent when he or she is in a sober state. Tell him or her how you feel about his or her alcoholism. Even though complete stoppage of drinking may not be possible, you may be able to encourage him/her to drink less.

It has been found that the chance of children of alcoholics taking to alcohol abuse is as high as four times. If in case you get tempted to drink alcohol; you should always try remembering the bad things about your parent, when he/she was in a drunken state. There is no issue with an occasional drink, but depending on it should be completely prevented.

Kids of parents who are undergoing Alcohol Treatment find it better to keep an open diary with their friends or a close counselor. This can be especially helpful in comforting you when you realize that there is someone to help you with the situation. This would not only help you to feel better, but you would also feel that there is someone to support you. And, you can also depend upon such a friend for a night if your parent goes out of control.

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