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How Do I Stage an Intervention?

Drug addicts and alcohol addicts are increasing rapidly in numbers. Some years before, drug addicts and alcohol addicts were spotted very easily. However, things have changed a lot. Out of every nine people, lives a drug addict. Drug addicts don’t think about the right and the wrong as they are often in the state of unconsciousness. If your family member or loved one is going through the problem of drug addiction, then it’s best advisable to confront him and look for a solution. It is your duty as a family member to seek for ways in order to convince him for treatment.

Intervention is the state where you ask your drug-addicted family member to accept his addiction and when you make him convince for the treatment. Normally, drug addicts take time to accept their problem and be ready for the treatment. As the amount of toxicant gets increased in the body, the start thinking that the treatment would lead to even more, which is absolutely wrong. Treatment centers and rehab centers are made for their betterment, to take them out of the trap of drug addiction and to make them live their life smoother and healthier.

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To convince them for a treatment, you need to be patient as it’s not an easy task at all. Firstly, you need to become as much frank to the addict as possible. You must spend as much time as possible with the addict and make him understand the dangers which are behind addiction. However, remember that a careful and patient approach is required to convince them as they might be in depression and are most likely in a state where they don’t want to listen to anybody, especially when it comes to their addiction problem.

As soon as the addict gets ready for a drug rehab program, look for a drug rehab center and a detox center immediately. This task is very much crucial as improper planning might lead to a failure of the treatment plan. Look for the rehab center which suits the needs of the addict. If your loved one is an alcohol addict, then look for a center which specially deals in the alcohol treatment. If the addict has been addicted to drugs, then look for the rehab centers according to the number of intoxicants which he has consumed. Fees of the rehab centers vary from center to center.

Centers are made according to the requirements of the drug addicts and the alcohol addicts. All the factors like the atmosphere, success rate of the centers, attention given by the doctors and staff of the centers, the fees which have to be submitted at the centers are some of the crucial factors, which help in searching for the right rehabilitation center during a drug intervention. Another important decision which should be made during the intervention is the disclosing of the information related to the addict in front of his friends and the people he might know.

Sometimes, the generation gap exists between father and son, and it’s better to ask the addict’s close and best friends for help. They are the one who could help you to convince the addict. At the same time, it’s required to choose the friends of the addict who won’t disclose this in public. If it happens, it might lead to mental stress to the addict and to your family.

Whatever might be the condition and the stage of the addict, your interference could change his life. The most important part is that you call us, and we will discuss the various options available.

How do I stage an intervention?

To stage an intervention, the people closest to the addict must get together before the intervention and communicate about the problems and issues that they are having or have had with the addict. Every individual that will be present at the intervention should write a letter to the addict, detailing the ways that the addict has hurt them and the reasons why they believe that the addict has a drug abuse problem.

The purpose of the intervention is to get an individual to voluntarily check him or herself into a drug rehabilitation center. In the intervention, the friends and loved ones of the addict should expect anger, irritation, and feelings of betrayal from the addict. The addict may even feel that they are being attacked or set up and that they do not have a drug problem. It is imperative that the loved ones and friends of the addict stay calm and continue with the plan. This is also why it is so important for everyone to meet beforehand and develop the intervention plan.

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