How Do You Find a Drug and Alcohol Detox Center?



As soon as a person gets addicted to alcohol or any kind of drugs, his body tends to allow the passage of certain toxicants which comes along with the drugs and alcohol. Detoxification of the toxicants present in the body is required. Thus, the term ‘detox’ comes into existence, an abbreviation of Detoxification. Detox centers established all over Canada helps patients to detoxify their bodies as their body becomes unbalanced due to the excess chemicals.

Detoxification is not so easy, but it supports the patient in the critical phase. 5-15 days are expected to be spent on the complete detoxification process. If you have a friend of yours who has recently been found addicted to drugs, bring him along with you to any detox centers in Canada. The reason for bringing him to the detox center is that detoxification is the process needed to be accomplished first. After detoxification, unwanted and poisonous substances are removed from the patient’s body. Locating a detox center isn’t a big task for anybody. Just search yellow pages or the internet media, and you’ll learn about various detox centers established in Canada.

In Canada, detox services are categorized into two major categories, i.e., Medical Detox Services and Social Detox Services. Medical detox services aim at detoxifying patients who are in urgent need. Medical detox services are carried out for severe cases where the patient has entered the last phases of drug addiction and needs urgent treatment. Detoxification at that moment requires special attention and care by dedicated experts and professionals as things could get worse if not done carefully and accurately.

On the other hand, social detox centers are maintained and run for the patients who just entered the drug addiction and were confronted by their friends and relatives. At this moment, the number of toxicants entered into the patient’s body isn’t too much. Thus, special care and a minute process of detoxification are required. Regarding the decision which must be taken between the social or medical detox center, it’s better if you take help from a professional. Experts know everything about the factors related to detoxification. If the quantity of toxicants consumed is more than the average, then admitting the patient to a medical detox center would be appropriate. If the quantity consumed isn’t too much, then the treatment given by the social detox centers is more than sufficient for the patients.

Suppose you are in confusion regarding the decision of the right detox center. In that case, you should not waste your time finding it by yourself, and you must consult a certified counselor who specializes in drug and alcohol addiction counseling. After consulting, the other point which must be remembered while looking for a detox center is that many treatment programs are carried out during the detoxification, and you must notify the detox centers where these treatment programs are carried out.

After finding the right detox center and helping your friend during the detoxification, your responsibilities are not yet over. As detoxification is the initial process, your friend needs your support for the rest of the other drug rehab. Please don’t leave your friend until he’s entirely out of the drug or alcohol addiction.

What type of Detox do I need?

Detox programs are specific to the types of alcohol or other drugs you are taking and the level and length of use.  Detox programs are divided into:

  1. Social Model Detox uses natural vitamins and minerals as well as massage and other techniques to help you withdraw from your drugs without too much discomfort.
  2. Medically Assisted Detox, where  a physician prescribes some medications to help ease the discomfort of withdrawals, but these programs are usually not equipped to handle life-threatening episodes caused by the withdrawal, and
  3. Medical Detox is usually a hospital-based program that can provide life support and medications as needed.

You should thoroughly assess your current use and its recent history to determine which detox is most appropriate for your case.

What is the line between a medical Detox and a regular Detox?

In this case, you must refer to Medically Assisted or Medical Detox vs. Social Model detox. And this was described in the last answer; however, one could say that the use of drugs to ease the discomfort of detox would distinguish medically oriented detox from Social Model Detox or “regular” Detox.


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