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How Do You Help Someone Detox from Alcohol?

Last updated on: Monday, 13 May 2024
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Someone you love has an alcohol problem and has finally admitted it. There are two ways to go when dealing with alcohol addiction. The best way is through a treatment program where the person can safely detox under the watchful eyes of trained counselors and medical professionals. However, in truth, some people insist upon going through detox at home. How do you help someone detox from alcohol when they choose the self-detox method? Here are some tips.

First and foremost, it is imperative that the person doesn’t detox alone. This means that someone should always be with the person. It can be heartbreaking and stressful to watch someone detox; the person can get mean and vindictive. He is going through a physical and psychological change during the removal of alcohol toxins from his system. The person should never be left alone. During detox, something could happen and a friend or family member should be on hand in case an emergency happens.

Second, even while making the decision to detox at home, be wise about it. Tell your loved one that there have to be check-ins done with a doctor or other medical professional. If you know someone who makes house calls, great. Otherwise, insist that visits be made to the doctor’s office during the detox process. This part is extremely hard during the throes of the detox so house calls should be set up in advance with his personal physician or other medical professionals. The good news is that there are detox programs that understand a person’s need to stay home and will have the medical staff available for such home visits.

A very important step in the detox process is making sure that all alcohol has been removed. You do not put a bag of candy or a toy in front of a three-year-old and tell him not to touch it. That is an unfair temptation. The same holds true for having alcohol in the home of a person going through detox. Remove the temptation.

Another great way to help a person detox from alcohol is to understand that during this process, you are his support system. You are there helping him emotionally. You should constantly encourage him, and let him know he is doing it; he is reaching his goal. Give him strength by telling him that he is winning out over the enemy which is alcohol addiction. He is making the winning touchdown, and you are the cheerleader; he is on the battlefield, and you are his combat buddy; he is in a race, and you are at the finish line urging him on.

Helping someone detox from alcohol is hard, not only on him but on you, too. Still, know that while he is in a battle for his life, you are a hero, too, for you are helping him win the war as he gets clean and out from under the control of the enemy: alcohol.




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Nickolaus Hayes has been working with Drug Rehab Services for the past ten years. Over the past 15 years, he has remained connected to helping people who have been struggling with addiction. He first started working as an intake counselor at a drug rehabilitation center in 2005. During the five years as an intake counselor, he was able to help hundreds of people find treatment. Nickolaus was also fortunate to be able to work with professional interventionists, traveling across the country performing interventions.