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How Should an Addiction to Oxycodone Be Treated?

OxyContin addiction is the fastest rising form of drug abuse in Canada today. It is estimated that one out of every five persons who are addicted to drugs in Canada are addicted to Oxycontin or other prescribed medication containing oxycodone. People are prescribed the Oxycontin medication because of the way that it combats chronic pain. Being an opiate, this drug will work within the nervous system to manage pain in a way that deadens the nerve endings in the brain.

People become addicted to Oxycontin medication because of either a prior drug history or misuse of the prescription. One of the most common ways people become addicted is through their prior drug history. Many times, the pain associated with withdrawal is intense enough for a prescription of Oxycontin, or some other medication with oxycodone. This leads to an addiction to pills during their rehabilitation.

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Treatment for Oxycontin addiction is a long term undertaking that involves a treatment facility, support group of family and friends, and the addicted person themselves, giving full attention to the problem. A person armed with the right information will be able to know how to treat someone or find treatment when abuse is suspected.

The first step to treating a person who is abusing Oxycontin medication is to realize the seriousness of the Oxycontin addiction. OxyContin abuse, while not as serious as heroin addiction, can drastically change the character, demeanor, and personality of a person. It also leads to a breakdown of their body and mental facilities over long-time abuse.

The next step to treatment is to locate a suitable long term Oxycontin treatment facility in Canada. This will help the person addicted to the drug not only find help for their Oxycontin addiction, but also remove them from the environment where the drug is available. Of course, this leads to a period of withdrawals which the treatment facility will be well suited to handle.

After finding treatment, then behavioral therapy is implemented. This comes after the patient has been through the withdrawal period. This therapy is both aimed at the psychological damage and to educating the person on the dangers of the drug and relearn social skills.

Treatment for Oxycontin addiction then continues in the form of outpatient support groups with family and friend involvement. These support groups are available to give the peer support that many people, who are trying to adjust to a life without the drug in the system, need in order to fight continually the impulse to slip back into using the medication. This is especially true when the person has other medical conditions, which require pain management.

After the person has been through some support group meetings, and have been coping with the realities of life without the medicine, they will still have the tendency to slip back into using the drug. Family and friends can help by keeping the person away from the environment and holding them accountable for actions. Treatment is an ongoing project that must not be taken lightly by anyone involved.


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