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If Oxycodone Comes from the Same Family of Drugs as Heroin, Why Is It Prescribed by Doctors?

Oxycodone is much safer than heroin, opium, and morphine in general. However, it is very addictive. Many people are put on this drug after an injury or a surgery and find themselves addicted to it very quickly. The problem with a drug like oxycodone is that it makes the body and mind feel wonderful while the concentration of the drug in the blood is high, but once the individual starts to come down off the drug, he or she feels terrible. Every ache and pain in his or her body feels magnified, and the only solution that many people see is to take more of the drug. While there is a potential for oxycodone abuse and oxycodone dependency whenever doctors prescribe the drug, they feel the good it does greatly outweighs the potential negative effects of the drug and its sister drugs.

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