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If Pregnant Women Abuse Drugs, What Harm Does It Do to the Fetus?

It has been found that drug use causes harmful effects on women faster than in men, explained by experts as due to different metabolism. A pregnant woman who takes to any form of drug is causing harm not only to herself but also to the baby growing in the uterus. This happens in several ways, and the consequence is usually very serious. In miscarriage, especially in the early months of pregnancy is something, which could be foreseen as one of the harmful effects of using drugs. If a miscarriage does not happen in the early months, more serious effects can be expected in the later periods of pregnancy if the person does not give up the habit meanwhile.

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The unborn baby in the uterus does suffer considerable harm due to the effect of the drug which is passed on to it by the pregnant woman. All the harmful effects are to the baby’s brain. The drug may cause the baby to suffer from a stroke even while it is unborn. A more severe form may lead even to its death. Education of women in this respect is very vital so that women resist from taking drugs at least during the period of pregnancy. Even if the child survives in the uterus, its growth will be stunted, and it may be delivered much before the due time. It has also been found that babies born to women with addiction problems are underweight. Every aspect of the baby is affected by the drug. The brain is also is smaller, and the head and body do not have a normal proportion in size.

It has been seen that the baby growing in the uterus of the drug-taking woman gets the harmful effect even while it is there. It is good if pregnant women realize the folly of taking drugs.


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