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Intensive Outpatient Programs (IOP) In New Brunswick

Intensive outpatient treatment programs and those that are offered within New Brunswick can provide individuals with various options. One of the first initial steps is for an addict to check into a detox program, medical detox, or a hospital detox center; this process will ensure the patient can safely withdrawal from the drugs they are taking and can become physically stable prior to his or her counseling. Because there is typically no onsite detox within an intensive outpatient center, this process must be done prior to. The next initial step is to attend an intensive outpatient program, which can be very beneficial for many addicts. The care provided at an intensive outpatient center can offer more in-depth treatment than that is provided at a traditional outpatient program. However, if an addict has a long history of chronic addiction and drug abuse, an intensive outpatient program may not be the best option for them.

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How is intensive outpatient care designed?

The process of treatment provided at an intensive outpatient program allows patient certain freedoms, which are not necessarily available at a residential drug rehab center. Some of the benefits include:

  • Addicts can continue to live at home – during the time a person is treated at an intensive outpatient center; they will still be living at home, which can be beneficial for a person with a family, or an individual still holding down a stable job.
  • The program is designed to ensure maximum treatment – addicts will attend treatment three to four times a week or more, and dedicate putting in a certain amount of hours for therapy. Depending on the severity of the addiction, this amount of treatment will be determined upon the initial assessment.
  • Any addict can be treated – the goal of an outpatient drug rehab center is to ensure that every addict has the capability to beat his or her addiction, and achieve sobriety.

If this is an addict's first go at treatment, they may find it more beneficial to be at home while they attend an intensive outpatient drug rehab center. This will allow them to maintain his or her life, as it may have not spiraled out of control, and an intensive outpatient center will be a viable solution.

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