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Intensive Outpatient Programs (IOP) In Newfoundland

Drug and alcohol problems throughout Newfoundland and Labrador have impacted the smaller communities and have been issues within the larger towns. Drug and alcohol rehabilitation centers in Newfoundland can help addicts from all age groups and who may be struggling with any type of addiction. One of the treatment solutions available within Newfoundland includes intensive outpatient centers, which is similar to an outpatient program but can provide more in-depth drug rehabilitation options. Intensive outpatient centers will normally run day and evening programs for their patients, and initially; the drug treatment will typically be lengthy. The addict can spend upwards of seven hours a day within one of these intensive outpatient programs and will attend three to four times per week. As the drug and alcohol treatment and counseling continue the participation will often be reduced, but this may not always be the case if the addict is not responding to treatment.

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Because the program's length within an intensive outpatient center varies, patients attending one of these centers can expect to be there for a month or less. There are some factors that do affect this, and this includes the particular needs of a client. Some addicts require different needs, which could be medical, mental, spiritual, or simply his or her addiction is difficult to treat. A patient entering an intensive outpatient center may require particular medical care, or they need a dual-diagnosis treatment option; if this is the case, the length of treatment will change for each patient. The aftercare treatment offered within intensive outpatient centers is the final process of treatment and will ensure the client can transition back into society again. Aftercare can include helping the recovering addict transition into a sober living home, follow through with his or her goals, and continue to work on their sobriety through whatever means necessary.

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