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Intensive Outpatient Programs (IOP) In Yukon

Because of the remoteness of the Yukon, it can be difficult to find suitable drug and alcohol rehabilitation resources. Intensive outpatient drug and alcohol treatment is slightly different from traditional outpatient treatment, as it can provide longer treatment periods and more daily rehabilitation for a patient. The addict will attend daily counseling sessions, being there for upwards of six or seven hours a day in the beginning, with this gradually becoming less as they progress. Patients are continually assessed throughout treatment to determine when the rehabilitation can begin to be scaled back. Within the start of treatment, they can attend rehabilitation for three to five days a week or more, and again this will eventually be scaled back as their time progresses at the facility. Each addict is different from the next and will go through a unique and individual experience while in rehabilitation. While most counseling methods are somewhat standard, some addicts may require some special needs or treatment for their particular situation.

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The cost of an intensive outpatient drug rehab center will be different within each program. Within Canada, most drug and alcohol rehab programs can accept some type of private health insurance, whereas many programs are funded by the province and do not cost anything for the patient, but these facilities can have long waiting lists. Private programs and those private intensive outpatient centers will vary in cost, but this will be significantly less cost than that of a residential drug rehab center. The reason residential drug rehab programs cost so much is because the patient is living in the facility, whereas intensive outpatient programs the client is attending daily, and this reduces the cost greatly. These types of programs are excellent options for families who cannot afford residential treatment but still require an in-depth and extensive drug treatment process.

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