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Is Alcoholism Related to Suicide?

Scientists have found a link between alcoholism and suicide risk that is targeting middle and older adults. They also established that increased age may be a marker for more chronic and treatment-refractory alcoholism in connection with greater risk for suicide. Among the findings from the studies that scientists made were that interpersonal factors are associated with suicide risk. Another moderators-related study was made to examine factors that amplified risk associated with alcoholism. In this study was shown that older alcoholism presents a higher risk.

When trying to establish the connection between alcoholism and suicide, there were several findings made. For example, medically serious suicide attempters that are also alcoholics are more likely to experience mood disorders and financial difficulties than control subjects. The alcoholics that committed suicide are older and generally males, with a mood disorder, partner-relationship difficulties and other interpersonal life events. In order to prevent suicide attempts in alcoholics, someone must focus primarily on depression, but also on the interpersonal factors from the alcoholic’s life, such as marital and other partner difficulties.

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People start drinking mainly because this is their way of coping with the sadness or loneliness in their lives, with some serious breakdowns, family or financial problems. All these can lead to depression, and if it isn’t treated, an alcoholic can try to commit suicide, especially if he feels that there is no one who can help him or there is nothing he can do anymore. Furthermore, some people don’t usually have suicidal thoughts, but when they are drunk, they feel everything more vividly and dramatic, and this can lead to suicide as well. This is a very important matter and in order to prevent such things from happening; one must try to understand the cause of the depression first and focus on that. You also need to be aware that most of the times the depression is caused by alcohol use, and if you cure their addiction. It will make the depression go away.

Resources: http://alcoholism.about.com/cs/depress/a/blaas030501.htm


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