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Is It Safe to Drink During Pregnancy?

Most women are asking if they can have an occasional drink while pregnant, although every woman would do anything to be sure that their baby will be fine. The answer is no, alcohol is no good in pregnancy. Not even a glass of wine, because every drop of alcohol gets into the bloodstream of the mother, getting to the baby, and it affects its development.

When a woman decides she wants to have a baby, there are some sacrifices that have to be made. This is one of them, and it shouldn’t be such a problem if the woman isn’t drinking too much. It was proven that heavy alcohol drinking, meaning five or more drinks on one occasion, during early pregnancy, will cause several problems to the baby. Still, moderate drinking can also cause problems. The problem that appears from heavy drinking while pregnant is called fetal alcohol syndrome. It is a combination of physical and mental birth defects, such as brain damages, growth defects or deformities of the baby’s face. The defects may occur in the baby’s heart, liver or kidneys, and he may also develop some vision and hearing problems. Children with this syndrome have difficulties in attention, memory, learning, and problem-solving.

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Moderate alcohol drinking also causes a problem, called fetal alcohol spectrum disorder. This disorder involves physical, mental, behavioral and learning problems. This fetal alcohol spectrum disorder includes different problems, such as alcohol-related neural developmental disorder, manifesting as functional or cognitive impairments, alcohol-related birth defects that may appear on heart, kidneys, skeleton or any other organ malformations and fetal alcohol effects, describing several other conditions.

The conclusion is that no type or quantity of alcohol is safe during pregnancy, and it is not worth the risk of having a drink when you can have a baby with these kinds of problems.

Resources: http://www.womenshealthcaretopics.com/pregnancy_and_alcohol.htm

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