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LSD Addiction In Canada

Drug Rehab Services is a no-cost referral agency in Canada for drug and alcohol dependency. We have helped thousands of persons getting the proper help in the following detox and LSD drug rehab services:

  • LSD detox
  • NA meetings
  • Residential treatment for LSD
  • LSD outpatient rehabs
  • LSD intervention

Our goal is to provide you the best advice possible for LSD addiction treatment clinics so you or a loved one gets an LSD-free life. This page covers information on LSD addiction in Canada.

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What is LSD Addiction?

LSD is very easy to get addicted to. This drug has been a problem in the past and is still a problem nowadays in Canada. When you compare 1994 and 2004, the statistics show that LSD drug abuse kept increasing. LSD addiction is definitely still present. While it is true that the LSD was more prominent 30 years ago, the side effects of this drug and the destructive consequences are such that we have to pay attention to those who need help.

In 1998, a study was made on LSD addiction within the Quebec population, and they found that 1.5 percent of them had taken LSD within a year. LSD substance abuse, right behind marijuana, is one of the drugs that people have used during their lifetimes. They also asked students in universities and found 1.8 percent of them were abusing LSD. Where LSD is concerned, addiction is very dangerous and should be taken care of. In 2002, a study was made within the rave Definition of the word rave community in Montreal, and they found that more than 56 percent of the young people surveyed said they had used LSD during the preceding year. This shows that LSD addiction often starts in places like parties and raves.

In Ontario, especially the North-western part, the LSD addiction rate is 4.1 percent. That is a bit higher than the Canadian national average of 1.7 percent. This statistic for Northwestern Ontario has been stable for the last few years, but unfortunately, it isn’t going down. However, for the students in the province, the LSD addiction rates have gone down. In 2003, the LSD addiction rates were at 2.9 percent and in 2005, it decreased to 1.7 percent.

Although LSD doesn’t really create a physical drug dependence, the people that use LSD will often develop a strong psychological drug addiction. Some people use LSD to escape reality, and the high produced by LSD can really get a person hooked on the LSD drug. There’s also another problem linked to LSD addiction, the drug abuser will develop a physical tolerance and will feel the effects of the drugs long after he’s done using it.

Where can I find LSD treatment?

There are several places where you can find help for LSD addiction in Canada. There are different settings such as residential drug rehab centers, outpatient drug rehabs, etc. Is a detox needed? One of our counselors can do an assessment and give you the best option for LSD drug addiction treatment for you or someone you love. Let us help you.

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