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LSD Detox & Treatment in New Brunswick

LSD or lysergic acid diethylamide is a potent hallucinogen that will alter the drug users' reality and distort all of their senses. LSD is derived from a fungus that is grown on rye and other grains. The illegal LSD in Canada and sold in New Brunswick is made in a lab. LSD creates unpredictable effects and hallucinations, and some common factors affect how severe the effects of LSD are. For example, the current mental state of the drug user, their surroundings, age, and how much of the drug is being taken. The hallucinations that LSD creates will seem real, for example, the sounds, sight, smell, and touch will all seem real when someone uses LSD.

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During the 1960s, LSD was a popular and widely used recreational drug, and as of 2019, the drug is still a recreational hallucinogenic. LSD is commonly used by recreational drug users and drug users who abuse hallucinogenic drugs. There are also circumstances where LSD is part of a more significant drug problem, such as abusing more than one drug at a time. The effects of LSD are felt within 30 to 60 minutes and will peak at around two to four hours. The effects of LSD take many hours to wear off, and the trip has been known to last ten to twelve hours. However, this will depend on the person and how much has been consumed. LSD creates both physical and psychological effects, and the more severe long-term effects include flashbacks and psychosis.

The physical effects of LSD include increased blood pressure and heart rate, increased body temperature, and dizziness. Other physical effects are sleeplessness, numbness or tremors, dilated pupils, loss of appetite, nausea, and decreased coordination. LSD flashbacks are felt long after someone has stopped using the drug. An LSD flashback is a spontaneous and unpredictable re-occurrence of visual distortions and emotional experiences. The drug residues from LSD remain stored in the fatty tissues of the body, causing physical stimulation and flashbacks. Psychosis is also possible long-after someone has stopped taking LSD. The symptoms of psychosis include changing in thinking patterns, false beliefs, hallucinations, drastic changes in mood, and disorganized behavior.

Treatment for an LSD addiction starts with detox, but the withdrawal symptoms are not severe. Typically, most people going to therapy are there for abusing multiple drugs, such as more than one hallucinogenic drug. The Department of Health in New Brunswick is responsible for planning, funding, and monitoring addiction services in the province. Every year thousands of people access publicly funded programs in the province. For example, between 2014 and 2015, there were over 6,400 treatment admissions into publicly funded programs. Non-residential treatment was accessed by most of the individuals seeking help. Residential withdrawal management was the second most popular treatment option, followed by residential programs.

LSD is still a common recreational drug, and even recreational drug use can lead to addiction. When searching for a drug treatment center in the province, some programs offer specific treatment options. Residential drug rehab is the most effective because of the length of time the program provides. However, each addiction is different, and an addiction assessment can best determine what type of treatment will operate best.

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