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Manitoba Residential Alcohol Treatment

Although Canada does not have as large of a substance abuse problem as other countries, problems do still exist. Of Canada's general population, 7.1% struggle with a drinking problem. Manitoba is not an exception.

Manitoba is no exception. The percentage of Manitoba's population that are alcoholics is not nearly as alarming as some of the other providences, but there is still a significant enough problem to warrant maintaining more than 170 treatment facilities. Most of Manitoba's treatment centers are substance abuse centers that deal with all types of substance addictions.

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Manitoba Addiction Awareness Week

Manitoba is determined to do everything they can to decrease the number of citizens who are alcoholics. One of the more innovative solutions they have created is called the Manitoba Addiction Awareness Week. The event happens during the third week of November and is providence wide event that is designed to make everyone, adults, and kids, aware of the dangers of substance addiction.

Protecting Youth

One of the biggest problems Manitoba is facing right now is an extremely high number of the youth population are binge Definition of the word binge drinking. During a recent survey, 12.4% of the students felt that the best way to deal with the pressures life puts on them is to get drunk. What is even scarier is that 7% of Manitoba students have driven a car while impaired, and 4% of Manitoba's student body didn't see any reason why they shouldn't drive after they've been drinking.

The best way to decrease gradually the number of people dealing with alcoholism is to start educating Manitoba's youth. One of the things that happen during Manitoba Addiction Week is that students are given facts about alcohol, and both the long-term and short-term effects excessive drinking can have on their health and actions. The information provided to the students becomes more detailed as the students get older and reach an age where they start experimenting with alcohol.

Manitoba has a program called the Youth Drug Stabilization program which is designed to help parents get their children into treatment. The idea is that the sooner a child gets into treatment, the greater the odds that they will turn into healthy and productive members of society. The Youth Drug Stabilization program deals with alcohol abuse in addition to other types of substance abuse. The program has a list of criteria that must be met before a child's parents can enroll them in the program. If the child meets the criteria, and the parents have exhausted all of their options regarding treatment and counseling, a Justice of the Peace will sign an order that will have the child taken into custody and force them to go through the alcohol rehab treatment.


Without a doubt, the most successful aftercare program in the world is Alcoholics Anonymous. AA's 12-step program has been very successful at helping addicts overcome their alcohol addiction and stay on the long road to recovery. Manitoba has two Alcoholics Anonymous chapters where recovering alcoholics can attend support meetings and be paired with sponsors.

Treatment Centers in Manitoba

The Addictions Foundation of Manitoba is located in Brandon. These services are for both young people and adults who are addicted to alcohol and drugs. This treatment center carries a great service to the community with education, prevention, rehabilitation, and therapeutic counseling.

Whispering Pines Retreat in Teulon is Manitoba's first private residential addiction center. They specialize in both short-term and long-term residential treatment where the patient feels safe and secure while staying there.

The Main Street Project in Winnipeg works with individuals who are unable to function in society because of their alcohol addiction. They offer a very wide range of services from residential, drop off, short term emergency shelter, and a detoxification unit. Each person who stays with the Main Street Project is treated in complete confidentiality and with the utmost of respect.

Another Winnipeg based treatment center is the Recovery Centre for Addictions and Trauma. This center provides a very personal atmosphere in helping people design a working treatment program for themselves. These plans are tailored to take care of several different areas at once. These being their personal health, emotional health, physical health, and societal health.

There are several public residential alcohol treatment centers throughout the province of Manitoba and just a few alcohol treatments, which are privates. Check the local hospitals and mental health facilities for a complete list and contact information.

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The information below will help you find an alcohol residential treatment center in Manitoba. The list could be incomplete, so if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us at 1-877-254-3348.

List of Residential Alcohol Treatment Centers in Manitoba

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