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Marijuana Legalization and Prevention in Prince Edward Island

The Current State with Legal Cannabis in PEI

All across Canada on October 17, 2018, cannabis became legal for recreational use and sale; each province has set up particular regulations and guidelines to ensure public health and safety. Within Prince Edward Island, the cannabis policy is in place to protect the health and safety of islanders, especially the youth. The cannabis policies put in place in Prince Edward Island will also help combat the illegal market for cannabis, and it will specifically clarify the rights and responsibilities of the people living on the Island with how cannabis can be purchased, consumed and cultivated.

The legal age for recreational cannabis use in PEI is 19 years old, and youth possession is strictly prohibited and illegal, and police are permitted to confiscate and destroy cannabis used by minors. The use of cannabis in Prince Edward Island will be restricted to private residence, and some exceptions will be made in certain designated areas. Currently, within Prince Edward Island, there are only four dedicated retail locations for the sale of cannabis as well online purchasing with home delivery. The retail sites on the island are located in Charlottetown, Summerside, Montague, and West Prince, and there are strict regulations surrounding these retail stores.

An adult is permitted to have 30 grams of cannabis, and is also permitted to grow up to four plants, which must be inaccessible to minors. The Smoke-free Places Act restricts the use of cannabis within the same spots as tobacco, and this is to help protect public health. Some of the safeguards put in place include that these retail stores are a respectful distance from school, along with the certain security elements. The retailers in Prince Edward Island have the responsibility to ensure sales are only to people of legal age, and to prevent the sale of cannabis to minors or intoxicated people.

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How will legal cannabis in Prince Edward Island impact me?

If an adult chooses to use cannabis, they should do responsibly and be fully aware of the potential risks involved with cannabis use. Now that cannabis is legal it will be far more accessible to more people, especially minors, which is why many strict regulations are a in place. The long-term and extensive use of marijuana, especially at a young age will cause problems with thinking, memory, or physical coordination. Other problems such as impaired perceptions and even hallucinations have been known to occur. When people who are young begin to use cannabis, they are placing themselves at risk for developing mental-health problems, and other health problems such as respiratory or long problems may occur.

It is important for people who choose to use marijuana to reduce the health risks, and of course, these risks can be avoided by abstaining from using recreational marijuana. When recreational cannabis is abused or used in excess, just like alcohol, it will have an impact on other people. Impaired driving will place people at risk and potentially cause injury or death. This will, of course, impact people and can destroy the lives of the people involved. If a person chooses to use recreational cannabis, they should avoid harmful smoking habits, or even limit and reduce how often the person uses cannabis. The province is regulating the drug effectively to protect public health and safety, but if someone chooses to use recreational cannabis, they should do so responsibly.

Can someone become addicted to marijuana?

Yes, recreational cannabis can become addictive because of the THC Definition of the word THC in recreational marijuana, an individual using it can become dependent on the drug. In many circumstances, marijuana is often part of a larger drug problem with most addicts, which may also include cocaine, meth, club drugs, and alcohol. When someone becomes addicted to marijuana in Prince Edward Island, they should seek out help immediately. Long-term drug addicts will often use many different drugs throughout his or her addiction, and this will be harmful physically and mentally. When teens or children begin to use marijuana at a young age, they will become more likely to become addicted to the drug later in life.

Addiction can be treated, but an addict must take the necessary steps to ensure their recovery. A drug treatment process can begin with a detox, and addicts can choose to attend either inpatient or outpatient drug rehabilitation programs in the province. Rehabilitation options in the province include programs and services that are operated by the province, but some private treatment options exist to help addicts and their families. Recreational cannabis, if used responsibly will not cause an addiction, but when the drug is abused or used in ways to cope with mental health problems, the individual will be a greater risk for an addiction or drug dependency.

The information below will help you on how to find outpatient rehabilitation center for Cannabis addiction in Prince Edward Island. The list could be incomplete, so if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us at 1-877-254-3348.

List of Drug and Alcohol Outpatient Services for Marijuana Addiction in Prince Edward Island

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