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What is happening with legal cannabis in Quebec?

As of October 17th, 2018, the federal government of Canada made cannabis legal for recreational use, and each province and territory throughout Canada have enacted various rules and regulations for how cannabis is sold and used. Within the province of Quebec, it is prohibited for minors to possess and use cannabis, and a person must be 18 years of age. The province is allowing people to possess 30 grams at a time in public, and within a private residence, someone can possess 150 grams of dried cannabis, per household only, and this is not determined by how many people live in the home.

However, possession is prohibited in certain areas within the province such as within buildings that are providing preschool services, elementary and secondary school services, educational services, or any type of vocational training. This regulation also prohibits cannabis to be possessed on college-level educational institutions and childcare or day-care centers. Persons in Quebec are prohibited to cultivate cannabis for personal use or possess a cannabis plant. The smoking or vaping of cannabis in Quebec is prohibited anywhere where the smoking of tobacco is prohibited, such as health and social services institutions, Cegeps and universities, etc.

The province of Quebec has also made amendments to the Highway Safety Code as it relates to the legislation of cannabis, and it is prohibited for any person to drive a vehicle or care or control of a road vehicle if the person is under the influence of cannabis. Most provinces have stiffened their impaired driving laws, to ensure that roads are kept safe and deter people from driving while impaired. The sale of cannabis in Quebec is only done so and authorized by the Constitution of the Societe Quebecoise du cannabis, and they will purely sell dried cannabis, cannabis oil and fresh cannabis.

How are young people protected from cannabis use?

Like every other province, the provincial regulations are in place to prevent young people from accessing cannabis. These regulations are also there to protect public health and public safety, which is done by establishing strict product safety and product quality requirements. The province will also help protect young people from cannabis use, by deterring criminal activity with serious criminal penalties for anyone who operates outside the legal framework.

The legislation within Quebec is there to mainly reduce the risks and harm to the health and safety of individuals, especially young people, by protecting the health and safety of persons who are most vulnerable, which includes children and teens. Drug prevention programs in Quebec are established to prevent cannabis use among teens, young adults, and anyone within a vulnerable group. Cannabis can be a damaging drug to a child or teen because the brain does not fully develop until someone is 25 years old. When children or teens begin to use cannabis at this age, they are putting themselves at risk for developing a learning problem, and potentially creating mental health issues such as anxiety and depression.

What is cannabis and how can someone get help in Quebec for an addiction?

Cannabis has many different chemicals that can essentially be pulled out of the leaves or flowers, but there are two primary chemicals that are often found in the cannabis for recreational and medicinal purposes. THC or tetrahydrocannabinol is one of the main active ingredients in recreational cannabis. This particular chemical will work by disrupting the nervous system causing the person to feel happy and slightly euphoric, and some feel it gives the sensation of being more focused and carefree.

The other common chemical found in cannabis is CBD or cannabidiol, which is primarily found in medical cannabis, because it seems to lack disruptive properties, but is effective for therapeutic reasons such as for relieving pain and discomfort. Cannabis is used in many different ways, with the most common being smoking it or vaping the drug; vaping has become a popular way of using cannabis, and it is important for young people such as children and teens to understand the potential dangers. Anyone struggling with an addiction to marijuana or other drugs in Quebec can reach out to local/provincial treatment services and private drug rehab programs.

Addicts and their families can access particular types of inpatient detox services for the first step of treatment, as well as various types of twelve-step support groups if that is the route the person is wanting to go. Standard and traditional and non-traditional drug treatment options in Quebec will operate out of inpatient or outpatient facilities. If an addict is unsure about what rehab options to choose, they can access addiction assessments, to help them determine the best treatment option. Cannabis addiction is often part of a larger drug problem, that will require treatment and rehabilitation. It is important to seek out help right away, because most addictions will become worse, and the addict will often begin to use other more dangerous drugs.


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