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Oxycodone Detox Centers & Rehab Treatment In Markham, Ontario

For an oxycodone addict, detoxification is a terrifying treatment. They know that when they enter one of the detoxification programs in Markham that they are no longer going to be able to take the oxycodone. Once their body realizes what it is being deprived of, it will enter a state of withdrawal that is very similar to a withdrawal from heroin.

There is no standard form of oxycodone detoxification. What works for some addicts does not always work for other addicts. One of the most common forms of detoxification involves the use of methadone. When the addict starts to take methadone, which will be administered to the addict by the staff, the methadone will not eliminate the individual’s withdrawal symptoms completely, but it should help alleviate them. However, methadone is itself very addictive and can create a dependency far worse than oxycodone.

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While the use of suboxone to help an addict detoxify from their Oxycodone problem, it is not a fast process. It can take weeks for the process to work. In Markham, it is not unusual for the addict only to enter into a detoxification program for as long as it takes them actually to move past the withdrawal symptoms, and then continue to take the suboxone when they have left the detox program and moved into the residential drug rehabilitation program in Markham where they will also undergo a great deal of counseling.

The use of suboxone can be found in some detox programs in Markham. Suboxone is far less addictive than methadone and so is recommended; it is much easier to stop taking suboxone than it is to stop the use of methadone. Once completed with the detox, they will have to attend a rehab treatment to complete their program and become drug-free.


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