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MDMA And Teens

Several adolescents like to go out and play during the night; parents should know where their child is and what they are doing. Dances and youth clubs are not always a safe location when it comes to hanging out. Parents need to know that common hang-out clubs including movie theatres, bowling alleys, pool halls, and video arcades are places that can be hazardous for teens in groups.

As a parent, you should verify on your kids and make sure that the places they frequent are safe and in good standards. Be easily available to know what is going on in your adolescent’s life. Parents should also know that, in opposition to the wisdom on the street; the majority of drugs are not safe. MDMA (Ecstasy) can be lethal, even when taken in small quantities. MDMA interferes with the body’s thermostat, particularly in the summer months. In combination with intensive physical activity and insufficient fluid intake, which can occur at dances or parks, the user could experience heatstroke or fatality.

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The substance MDMA impairs kidney function, and individuals are at risk for water intoxication. This signifies that physical activities, like dancing and playing in parks can turn deadly. This is because of the fact that MDMA combined with too much water shuts down the internal body. Adolescents should also be advised that MDMA can be even more hazardous when used with some common antidepressants. MDMA is particularly harmful to individuals with pre-existing heart conditions or who for genetic reasons, are less efficient at detoxifying the compounds of the substance.

The followings are certain of the more harmful effects of club drugs: memory loss, hepatitis Definition of the word hepatitis , damage to nerve endings, behavioral problems, crime, sexual assaults and violence.

Adolescents are vulnerable for numerous reasons. These substances do not have to be smoked, injected, or snorted, which makes it easy to conceal or hide them. It is as easy as popping a pill or taking a drink. The rave Definition of the word rave culture promotes acceptance, which can be extremely appealing to a teen that does not feel like they fit in, or does not have very elevated self-esteem.

Club substances are becoming usual at raves, arcades, and other teen hang-outs. Adolescents are using these substances in order to fit in. We are now discovering that these substances are in our schools and homes. Adolescents are giving little thought to the hazards of club drugs and what the long-term effects may be. This is because of the short-term high these children experience, which is extremely exhilarating and intense. It is a euphoric feeling of “Wow," and it provides a false feeling of no more worries; the sensation is a sense of nirvana.

Parents need to be informed about the club drug scene and its potential for hazard. Here are certain short descriptions of the club drug scene:

The first are raves, which are huge, underground dance parties. These parties frequently go on all night and are designed to create and enhance a hallucinogenic experience through drugs, music, and lighting. Next are trace parties. These parties are private and are generally held at somebody’s home. The crowd is usually elite and wealthy, and frequently includes young professional males seeking to take advantage of underage girls. Then there are the dance clubs – these are public business establishments where adolescents and young adults frequently go to mix and mingle. These are locations where club drug consumers go to party and hang out.

Adolescents of today have good imaginations in the way they package their club substances. Be alert for these kinds of deceptive packaging:

  • Pills in Pez dispensers or Tic Tac boxes, and other candy containers, like Skittles and Tootsie Rolls.
  • The liquid kept in eye drop and mouthwash bottles, and the substance mixed in with water or sports drink bottles.

If you suspect that your adolescent is using club drugs, get the facts, stay informed, and know the risks. Seek around you and know the indicators, because club drugs are easily hidden and can be consumed in plain sight.


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