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Medical Detox Centers In Manitoba

Each medical detox will be a different length of time, but an individual and family could expect set lengths of time for certain drugs. Most medical detox programs that help people with illicit street drugs such as cocaine, crystal meth, and GHB will only take three to five days. Medical detox centers who treat severe alcohol addictions and prescription-drug addictions can take one week to upwards of a month depending upon the severity of the addiction and other health problems, which may exist. Opiate detox programs can last two to three weeks, and this is because an opiate addict must be slowly weaned down off of the drugs they are taking, and other drugs are administered to alleviate withdrawal symptoms. The detox process is an important first step throughout the entire rehabilitation process because it helps a patient become physically and mentally ready for any type of counseling, therapy, or treatment. Families can also take this time to receive proper counseling and therapy as most families are directly affected by a person's drug and alcohol abuse.

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If you or someone you know is abusing very strong and addictive drugs, it can be dangerous to stop on one's own. This is why medical detox centers have been created and there are some available to the people of Manitoba. It is very important to know if you or the person you love needs a medical detox before starting to search for proper treatment, whether that is in Manitoba or elsewhere in Canada.

The point of medical detox is to get the person off of the drug safely and get him through the withdrawal. This is done in an environment supervised by professionals, this way the person can be monitored, and the problems can be solved to make sure the person goes through withdrawal safely.

At DRS, we are here to help you figure out if you or someone else needs to attend a medical detox before going to rehabilitation treatment. We can help you find a medical detox in Manitoba or in other provinces for either yourself or someone close to you.

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