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Drug Rehab for Men

Last updated on: Friday, 8 March 2024

Men-only drug rehab centers in Canada provide counseling and therapy to address men’s needs. Men-only treatment facilities are beneficial because the presence of the opposite sex can cause distractions that prevent individuals from concentrating on their recovery. Younger males and single men of all ages may see better results when attending an all-male facility.


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The defining feature of drug rehab centers for men is that it is focused strictly on male patients. Drug rehab centers for men include any viable therapy and are structured in numerous ways. Drug rehab for men includes inpatient centers, outpatient facilities, drug detox, and recovery support programs for men. Men have specific needs when it comes to drug and alcohol addiction treatment. Countless drug rehab centers across Canada offer gender-specific programs that cater to the needs of men struggling with drug addiction.

Men-only drug rehab programs are available to address a wide range of addictions, including alcohol addiction, prescription drug abuse, and illicit drug abuse. Treatment programs also help men struggling with co-occurring disorders and severe underlying problems connected to their drug abuse. Attending a drug rehab center for men is beneficial and allows men to focus on recovery in a distraction-free environment. Many drug rehab centers for men provide customized treatment plans that meet the needs of each patient who attend the program.

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, men are more likely than women to use almost all types of illicit drugs. In addition, illicit drug use is more likely to result in emergency department visits or overdose deaths for men than for women. Overall, for most age groups, men have higher rates of use or dependence on illicit drugs and alcohol than women. Drug rehab centers for men meet the unique needs of men struggling with drug addiction. As caregivers, fathers, husbands, and professionals, men are often under a great deal of pressure to provide and be there for their loved ones.

There are significant benefits to men-only drug rehab. Substance abuse treatment for men addresses the unique emotions that men experience when getting sober. Drug rehab centers for men offer a distraction-free environment where men can focus on recovering. The therapy and counselling address specific male-related issues in treatment and recovery. Patients have the chance to develop long-lasting relationships with other men in recovery. In addition, there is a higher level of comfort that may be hard to experience in gender-mixed drug rehab. Men-only drug rehab reduces the feelings of judgment that can result in more comfortability discussing issues.

When is Men-Only Drug Rehab the Best Option?

When deciding on men-only drug rehab as an option to treat addiction, it is important to receive an assessment or evaluation. The purpose of an addiction assessment is to determine the extent of addiction and recommend drug rehab options for men. Assessments are usually done with a qualified professional at a drug rehab center or through an external service. Men and women struggle with drug addiction differently and require different approaches to manage addiction. For example, men are more likely to become addicts and are more likely to abuse substances due to peer pressure or to be part of a group.

During treatment and recovery, men are more likely to stabilize substance abuse at lower doses and are more likely to experience more intense withdrawal symptoms. Men often begin using substances early than women and have more opportunities to try drugs. Early intervention is important to help men struggling with drug addiction. In addition, men become intoxicated twice as often as women and are three to four times more likely to experience problem drinking and alcoholism.

When considering men-only drug rehab options, it is important that the treatment center has adequate medical support, withdrawal management, and recovery services. For example, men suffer far more adverse consequences of substance abuse than women. Counselling must address the issues that men face while addicted to drugs. Men have different attitudes toward alcohol and drugs. Some men view the use of drugs as a right of passage and not a problem. Men are also at a greater risk for co-occurring medical problems.

Additionally, violence is closely associated with substance use and abuse among men. For example, the relationships between early childhood abuse and trauma lead to addiction. Unfortunately, men who use and abuse substance also tend to have higher rates of problems related to fatherhood and families. Drug rehab centers for men are excellent options to address these issues.

Ask a Professional

  • What is a drug rehab center for men?

    Drug rehab centers for men are facilities that only help men struggling with substance use disorders. These drug rehab centers provide treatment methods and counseling geared towards the problems men face while addicted to drugs and alcohol.

  • Is there a benefit to attending a drug rehab center for men?

    Yes, because most men who attend drug rehab often feel more comfortable around other men when talking about the issues associated with their addiction. In addition, they can relate better with me, who are struggling with similar problems, which is especially important during group meetings.

  • What types of drug rehab centers help men?

    Generally, these are outpatient or residential drug rehab programs. Residential drug rehab centers that are men-only facilities are common. Outpatient facilities are also common, predominantly Christian fellowship programs for men. Finally, most halfway houses are men-only, and there are also men-only sober living homes or transitional housing.

  • Why choose men-only drug rehab?

    Most men entering drug rehab often have tremendous feelings of shame and fear. Suppose they have not been responsible for their family or work. They have destroyed many of their close relationships. It is often much easier for men to process these feelings and resolve underlying issues among other men.

  • Want to know more?

    The questions from DrugRehab.ca’s “Ask a Professional” are answered by Nickolaus Hayes. If you need further clarification on any of the questions above or have any other questions you can contact him directly at N.hayes@drugrehab.ca.

How Do Men-Only Substance Abuse Treatment Centers Operate?

Drug rehab centers for men operate the same as gender-mixed substance abuse treatment programs, besides the counselling and therapy methodologies. The primary difference between men-only drug rehab and any other treatment center is that programs are tailored to the needs of men struggling with addiction. The first step involves an assessment, and most drug rehab centers for men assess each patient before they begin treatment. The purpose of an assessment is to evaluate the addict and plan the treatment process.

Drug detox is the first rehabilitation step to manage and treat withdrawal symptoms and cravings. Typically, the severity of withdrawal and the extent of addiction determine what method of drug detox is needed. Medically supervised detox is the best option for someone struggling with alcohol or opiate addiction. Clinical or standard drug detox programs manage less severe addiction and withdrawal symptoms.

The therapy and counselling process for men struggling with addiction varies, and many programs tailor to the needs of each patient. Most drug rehab centers for men provide specialized counselling, and this is a large part of a successful treatment program. The counselling and therapy are catered to the unique issues men face, including domestic violence, anger management, and relationship counselling. Behavioural therapy is the most common approach and includes cognitive behavioural therapy, dialectical behaviour therapy, 12-step facilitation, and motivational incentives. In addition, it is not uncommon that alternative therapies are provided like holistic treatment, experiential therapy, or faith-based treatment.

Most drug rehab centers for men help each patient develop healthy life skills that promote a positive and productive life after treatment. Job skills classes and parenting classes may also be provided, along with family therapy or counselling. Family therapy can help family members better understand their loved one’s addiction and how they can support them in recovery. Once rehabilitation is complete, the next phase of treatment involves arranging aftercare support. Common recovery options include 12-step meetings, peer support groups, and sober living homes for men.

Information on Drug Rehab

What Are the Alternatives to Men-Only Drug Rehabilitation?

The alternative to men-only drug rehab is gender-mixed or coed drug rehab centers. Overall, there are benefits and drawbacks to both. Coed drug rehab centers often lead to romantic relationships while undergoing treatment. Yet romantic relationships would also occur within gender-specific treatment centers. The primary reason why individuals choose gender-specific drug rehab is because of living arrangements and counselling. For example, some female patients who have experienced sexual abuse may not feel safe undergoing residential rehab.

Additionally, group therapy is often more effective with gender-specific treatment. However, some male patients tend to open up more when around women. The drug rehabilitation process within a coed treatment center is the same as a gender-specific program. However, counselling and therapy are tailored to meet the needs of each patient. Choosing the right form of drug rehab is important, and the patient should consider either coed drug rehab or gender-specific.

Drug Use Trends Among Men in Canada

According to a National Treatment Indicators Report, the majority of treatment events were accessed by men. Across the jurisdictions, men accounted for 63.9% of treatment service events. Drug and alcohol addiction impact men and women differently. According to an opiate and stimulant-related harms report, men accounted for the majority of accidental apparent opioid toxicity deaths from January to September 2020. Most of the drug-related deaths among men occurred with those aged 20 to 49 years old.

Additionally, men also accounted for the majority of accidental apparent stimulant toxicity deaths from January to September 2020. According to a drug use monitoring survey, approximately 3.1% of men had reported the use of at least five illicit drugs, cocaine, crack cocaine, speed, ecstasy, and hallucinogens. Also, a higher percentage of men reported alcohol abuse, and men suffered more harm related to alcohol use.




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