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Methamphetamine Detox And Treatment In Halifax, Nova Scotia

Different people have different reasons for experimenting with methamphetamine but the reason they start to use the drug is not nearly as important as what happens next. It does not take very long before the individual starts to experience a sense of euphoria, they have more energy and can function on less sleep. The problem is that each time the person uses the drug; the euphoric state lasts for a shorter period of time. It does not take very long before the person starts to experience the negative aspects of the drug which can include depression, insomnia, bad tempers, rapid mood swings, erratic heartbeat, and dangerously elevated blood pressure.

It is going to be impossible for the methamphetamine addict to get over their addiction on their own. They are going to have to seek professional help. The first thing the addict is going to have to do is to enroll in a methamphetamine detox program where they will cut themselves off from the drug. Within a few hours of their last dose of methamphetamine, they will start to experience withdrawal symptoms. The severity of the symptoms can vary from one addict to the next. It is not unusual for the staff to administer drugs, which are supposed not only to ease the withdrawal symptoms but also help reduce the severity of their cravings.

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The length of time that the addict has to stay in the methamphetamine detoxification program will usually depend on how long they have been taking methamphetamine and how frequently. When the staff feels the addict is no longer experiencing severe methamphetamine withdrawal symptoms, they will have them transferred to the residential program where the addict will start to learn how to live a life that does not require the use of methamphetamine. In addition to the residential program, addicts are strongly advised to enroll in an outpatient program as well as a peer support group.

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