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Methamphetamine Detox And Treatment In St. Catharines, Ontario

When a person is first introduced to methamphetamine, they usually think that this drug is great. They have more energy for physical activities and can get by on less sleep. The problem is that methamphetamine is a drug that has to be taken frequently, and it does not take very long before the person is addicted to it. While in the beginning, the drug seemed to provide the addict with an added dose of energy, the long term user will find that they are moody, prone to bouts of depression, suffer from insomnia and that they lose their temper easily. In addition to these emotional problems, there is also a handful of severe physical health problems that go along with long term methamphetamine addiction.

Methamphetamine addiction alters the way a person’s brain works; the longer the person uses, the more their brain starts to change. Long-term users do not have a high rate of success for making a complete recovery because they have damaged too many brain cells.

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There are three stages to a methamphetamine addiction treatment. The first phase, detoxification, is the most physical trying stage. During this time, it is very important that the addict is monitored by a professional, who will not only make sure that the addict stays safe during the withdrawal process but who will also decide when the addict is ready for the next step in the treatment process.

After the addict has gotten over the worse of their methamphetamine withdrawal, they will be moved to a residential program where they will submit to long counseling sessions. By the time that the addict is released from the residential program, they should have a better understanding of their drug addiction.

The release from the residential program means a return to the real world and all the stress. This can be a lot for a newly recovered methamphetamine addict to take in, which is why they should enroll in an outpatient program and get additional therapy.

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