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Methadone Detox And Treatment In British Columbia

The city of Vancouver has had a long living reputation of facing many issues with opiate addictions, crime related to opiates, and battling the ongoing problems of preventing the spread of disease through needle sharing and overdoses caused by opiates. This province was one of the first to initiate harm reduction programs, such as needle-exchange programs, to ensure addicts are staying out of the emergency rooms and getting some type of help for their addiction. Methadone clinics have been within Vancouver and throughout the province of British Columbia for a very long time. Heroin has been a predominant drug within the city of Vancouver and other parts of the province for quite some time, and because of this many heroin users have turned to methadone clinics to help curb withdrawals and get off of heroin and other opioids. Harm reduction programs have proven successful in B.C with preventing the spread of disease and preventing overdoses before they occur, but many people are still battling problems with methadone, and successfully getting off of the drug and remaining drug-free.

There are numerous methadone detox centers and treatment facilities throughout the province that are able to help addicts detox safely off of methadone, but more importantly help them get into a treatment program that will address their addiction issues, so as in order to remain drug-free. In 2014, the province of British Columbia changed the methadone compound being given to patients enrolled in the methadone maintenance program. The new mixture is said to be ten times stronger, and the rationale behind the change is said to be for better safety and quality control, as the pharmacist will no longer have to mix methadone into a compound solution. Many participants in the program were not informed of this change, which could have led to possible overdoses; especially if they were mixing the methadone with other drugs. This also re-enforces the fact that methadone detox and treatment are quite essential, as the ultimate outcome is becoming completely drug-free and remaining off of all drugs.

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There are just under a dozen different residential detox centers throughout the province of British Columbia, and many of these are equipped to help a person detox off of methadone successfully. Many users will avoid tapering off of methadone because of the intense withdrawal symptoms that come with it; in some cases, these withdrawals can be life-threatening if the user is on a very high dosage of methadone. Methadone users will see increases in their dosages as time goes on because the body develops a physical dependency on the drug, and requires more in order to avoid withdrawals. Methadone is not meant as a long-term solution to opiate addiction; users of methadone should be encouraged to seek methadone detox and treatment as a final solution. When done properly this process can ensure a person tapered off of the drug safely, and with as little discomfort as possible. From there the individual will have to seek out and admit themselves into a drug treatment program to handle the addiction, and ensure a drug-free life.

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