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Methamphetamine Addiction In Canada

Drug Rehab Services is a no-cost referral agency in Canada for drug and alcohol dependency. We have helped thousands of persons get the proper help with the following detox and drug rehab services:

  • Methamphetamine detox
  • NA meetings
  • Residential treatment for Methamphetamine
  • Methamphetamine outpatient rehabs
  • Methamphetamine intervention

Our goal is to provide you the best advice possible for meth addiction clinics so you or a loved one gets a methamphetamine-free life. This page covers information on methamphetamine addiction in Canada.

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Meth Information

Drug: Methamphetamine

Meth Street Name: speed, meth, crystal, glass, ice, crank.

Meth Effects: Meth has a very strong and long-lived stimulant effect.

Meth Description: White/yellow/pink crystalline powder, clear liquid; ampoules (meth). Small whitish chips (ice). Most methylamphetamine is illicitly manufactured and as such is of questionable quality.

Meth Street Use: Smoked or injected

Meth Dependency: Tolerance to methylamphetamine develops quickly. The effects last from three to four hours. Prolonged use of methylamphetamine can lead to severe weight loss, insomnia, exhaustion, paranoid psychosis (this is generally drug-induced and as such will be resolved within a few weeks after drug-taking has stopped), aggression, dental problems, skin problems, and severe depression. Smoking "ice" over long periods causes severe psychotic Definition of the word psychotic episodes with both visual and auditory hallucinations, presenting not unlike schizophrenia.

What is Methamphetamine Addiction?

Methamphetamine addiction is a pretty significant problem all over the world, and Canada is no exception. According to official statistics, 4.6 % of the Canadian population have tried methamphetamine at least once. Although only 0.5% said to have used it in the past year, methamphetamine addiction is not to be overlooked. Methamphetamine is extremely addictive and so even using it just to try it can become a bigger problem.

British Columbia is one of the provinces most affected by methamphetamine addiction. The statistics show that this province has a meth addiction rate a bit higher than the country’s average. A survey was done on B.C. teenagers, and it was found that 4% of them have tried methamphetamine. This means that methamphetamine addiction in BC can easily become a problem. Often, using this drug once can lead to meth addiction right away.

In a 2003 survey done in the province of Quebec (province significantly affected by methamphetamine addiction), they found that almost 9 % of the young people of at least 15 years old had taken methamphetamine during their lifetime and 2.3 % of Quebec’s youth admitted to having taken methamphetamine during the last year. They also looked for the place where most methamphetamine addicts consume the drug, and more than 70% of meth abuse happens in raves. In 2004, over 10 % of people between the age of 12 and 17 years old said that they had taken amphetamines during the preceding 12 months. In Montreal, a study was done on the young people that live on the streets, and it showed that more than half of them had taken meth at least once.

Methamphetamine is a very strong stimulant drug and is truly addictive. In a lot of cases, they talk about instant meth addiction, which means that even after the first try, one becomes addicted to meth. Methamphetamine addiction is one of the most noticeable ones that can occur. Once one is struggling with meth, it is excessively hard to get off the drug because of the strong withdrawal effects. Therefore, meth addiction is handled in a detox or drug rehab center.

Where can I find a Methamphetamine treatment?

There are several places where you can find help for Methamphetamine addiction in Canada. There are different settings such as residential, outpatient, etc. There can be drug rehab centers or other treatments. Is a detox needed? One of our counselors can do an assessment and give you the best meth treatment for you or someone you love. You should get the facts on meth addiction and treatment. Let us help you.

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