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Montreal, Quebec Drug Rehab Centers

The population of Montreal continues to grow, and currently, there are over 3.5 million people living within the city, primarily made up of French-speaking people, but the majority of the population does also speak English. The drug and alcohol problems within the city affect people from all walks of life and backgrounds, every drug can be found within the city. It is a grave issue and a difficult task to help the citizens of Montréal clean up from drugs, alcohol and the vices that are associated with it. The city’s crime scene is bursting and the number of crimes taking place in the city is somehow invariably related to substance usage like morphine, cocaine, crack, heroin and party drugs Definition of the word party drugs like ecstasy, etc. The list is endless and apart from these illicit drugs, people are also addicted to prescription drugs that can be easily bought over the counter. The situation needs to be handled with strictness yet with the utmost care, after all, drug addicts and alcoholics are only victims of drug dealers and peddlers. Most of these drugs can be bought very easily off the streets. Since there is easy availability of drugs, the number of those getting addicted to the substance is only increasing. Moreover, the drug culture in Montreal is very diverse and is not specific to any particular area like it is in other cities.

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Drug seizures in Montreal

Along with addiction and alcoholism, the crimes in the city like assaults, sexual harassments, crime, and other criminal activities are on the rise. It is impossible to contain the drug situation, as new addicts are added to the list every day, however, treatment measures and general awareness among the public will prove to bring about a lot of changes. Only recently there has been a huge drug seizure at the Montreal Port where over 1,700 kg of hash was found whose value was over $36 million. This itself is a huge indication of the growing number of addicts in the city.

Alcohol consumption in Montreal, qc

In the province of Quebec in the year 2003, there were 692 vehicular fatalities.  Out of these 692 fatalities, 643 were determined to be associated with alcohol consumption in some aspect. In other words, an outstanding 92.9% of all fatalities for the province of Quebec were related to alcohol consumption. 213 or 33.1% of all fatalities were caused directly by alcohol consumption. 2093 serious traumas occurred in single-vehicle wrecks during the year 2003 alone. 605 or 28.9% of the collisions could be assigned to alcohol disablement. Multi-vehicle collisions resulted in 5785 severe harm. 315 or 5.4% were related to alcohol. According to the study, the difference between alcohol being involved and being a deciding factor depends on the amount of info available to the study, and the position of the persons involved who perished. A motor vehicle death was regarded to be alcohol involved if at least one vehicle’s driver or pedestrian in the fatal crash, had consumed alcohol.

The information below will help you on how to find a drug rehab center in Montreal, Quebec. The list could be incomplete, so if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us at 1-877-254-3348.

List of Drug & Alcohol Treatment Services in Montreal, Quebec


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