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NA meetings are excellent aftercare support options for people in recovery. The listing is detailed to help you or your loved one find a Narcotics Anonymous meeting in British Columbia. Always confirm the time and location to make sure it is still available.


List of NA Meeting in British Columbia

The information below will help you on how to find a NA meeting in British Columbia. Since meetings change regularly, the list may be inaccurate. If you need more information on a specific meeting, please visit the website provided with that meeting.

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One of the great things about being a drug addict and living in British Columbia is that there are lots of opportunities to get the treatment that you need to overcome your addiction. Not only do you have lots of different residential and outpatient programs to choose from, there are also lots of Narcotics Anonymous meetings that all of the recovering addicts can attend. When drug addicts started to notice how well the Alcoholics Anonymous program was working, they promptly wanted to have a similar program. The first Narcotics Anonymous meetings were held in the 1940’s. Since those first meetings the program has helped millions of drug addicts all over the world.

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One of the reasons that many people feel that the Narcotics Anonymous program is so successful is because it is a spiritual program. The program is set up in such a way to help addicts establish a relationship with a higher power. Although the program frequently uses the name God, they are not associated with a particular denomination and every drug addict, no matter what their religion, is more than welcome to attend the meetings. The reason that Narcotics Anonymous feels that spirituality is such an important part of the recovery process is because if the addict truly believes in a higher power, they will realize that they are never alone. No matter how bad life gets, there is going to be someone or something that they can lean on for support. When a person goes through the twelve steps of recovery which the Narcotics Anonymous program is based on, they will find three different places where spirituality is emphasized. In order to help overcome a dependency on drugs the individual needs to commit themselves to being more open minded, be willing to better themselves, and to be honest When a person is honest the program wants them to be honest about themselves as well as to others.

Another thing that the Narcotics Anonymous program relies heavily on is support. The organization seems to feel that if a person feels like they are all alone in the world they are more likely to start using drugs again than if they are able to turn to someone. This is the reason that the drug addicts are provided with sponsors. The sponsor is always someone who has been drug free for quite some time. They are also someone who has to be willing to put up with interruptions at all times of the day and night. The purpose of the sponsor is to provide support whenever it is needed. Sometimes this support is nothing more than offering a casual hug or willing ear. At other times the support might take the form of an intervention is they suspect the person they are sponsoring has relapses.

All of the drug addicts in British Columbia are invited to attend as many meetings of Narcotics Anonymous as they want. There is no charge and the addict does not have to worry about being judged. The British Columbia Narcotics Anonymous meetings provide a safe environment provide a safe environment for the addicts to discuss the demons that they are fighting.

Drug Support Groups In British Columbia

There are many people in British Columbia suffering from drug addiction. There are many people that seek support, and it is available. There are several kinds of drug support groups. Many of them have the same purpose. They intend to give guidance and support to those who are looking to get clean. There are many ways that a support group can accomplish this goal. No matter what stage a person is, they can go to a drug support group and get the help that they need.

Many of the drug support groups in British Columbia are free of charge. The workers are often volunteers and were themselves drug addicts and people can then get help from people who have actually had the same experience. Many addicts who have been helped by these types of drug support groups will actually continue to be a member, even after they are completely clean. This is how the fellowship still goes on, and it is also very rewarding for a recovering addict to help other addicts get to that point. British Columbia has many different kinds of drug support groups, as there are many drug addicts all over British Columbia, especially in Vancouver. Of course, one can find a lot of Narcotics Anonymous support groups all over the province. This drug support group fellowship is just about the most popular of all of them. The philosophy is based on the 12 Steps and 12 Traditions created by Alcoholics Anonymous. There are thousands and thousands of people that have been helped by that drug support group in British Columbia.

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Narcotics Anonymous is an adaptation of Alcoholics Anonymous and uses the 12-step program adapted from AA. The steps are designed to help a person admit they are powerless over their addiction. In addition, it helps them move past their guilt and shame by admitting their faults and making amends with the individuals around them.

Individuals work the 12-steps and receive support and encouragement from fellow members and their individual sponsors. In addition, they begin to move past the guilt and shame and begin to make amends.

Yes, like AA, it is entirely funded by donations. The program is 100% free to join. Options collections are taken during the meeting, but it is not mandatory. Anyone can join regardless of financial situation.

Yes, NA Meetings can help fight cravings and treat addiction. The 12-step meetings owe much of their success to sponsorship. Suppose an individual has the urge to use drugs, they can call their sponsor. Talking it out with a supportive individual helps remove the power from the cravings.

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