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Narcotics Anonymous Meetings in Manitoba

Last updated on: Wednesday, 16 August 2023

NA meetings are excellent aftercare support options for people in recovery. The listing is detailed to help you or your loved one find a Narcotics Anonymous meeting in Manitoba. Always confirm the time and location to make sure it is still available.


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List of NA Meeting in Manitoba

The information below will help you on how to find a NA meeting in Manitoba. Since meetings change regularly, the list may be inaccurate. If you need more information on a specific meeting, please visit the website provided with that meeting.

The experts don’t always agree about the best way to help a person overcome their drug addiction. Some experts prefer one type of rehabilitation program while others like a different type of program. The one thing that all the experts agree on is that in order to successfully avoid drugs after the rehabilitation program is that they need a really strong support system. The other thing that the experts agree on is that the best program is Narcotics Anonymous.

The Narcotics Anonymous program is a twelve step, very spiritual addiction recovery program. Since it was created in the 1940s, the program has become a worldwide organization, and has helped millions of people overcome their dependence on drugs. The program does warn that not every addict who attends one of their meetings is going to be successful. Some of the addicts are going to start using once more. The reason that most of the people start using again is because they are not really committed to recovery. The more devoted the person is to living a clean life, the better their chances of making a complete recovery.

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While there are Narcotics Anonymous programs in Manitoba, there aren’t as many as there should be. Right now, there are only six cities that have a solid Narcotics Anonymous chapter. The problem is that a majority of the drug addicts in Manitoba doesn’t have access to the meetings. This leaves the addict with two options. They can either move to one of the cities that does have a Narcotics Anonymous chapter, or they can organize a Narcotics Anonymous chapter in their own hometown.

It doesn’t take a great deal of effort to start a chapter of Narcotics Anonymous. The trick is to find one or two other addicts who are also committed to recovering. Once a person has connected with some other recovering addicts in their area, they need to find a place to meet and set regular meeting times. The other, already existing chapters of Manitoba’s Narcotic’s Anonymous will be more than happy to provide any support that might be needed.

In the beginning there will probably only be a few people involved in the new chapter of Narcotics Anonymous. Many of the meetings will probably take place in one of the addict’s houses. Over time more people will join and the meetings will start to feel more formal.

It will help if the addicts have someone to turn to for guidance. This is a person who will act as a kind of mentor for the group. In some cases, this person could be a person who has been sober for several years and has a great deal of life experience, or it could be a social worker or counselor who is willing to give up some of their free time to help organize the group and help the addicts work through their addiction In addition to leading meetings and acting as a mentor, this person should also be in charge of contacting other Narcotics Anonymous chapters.

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  • What are NA Meetings?

    Narcotics Anonymous is an adaptation of Alcoholics Anonymous and uses the 12-step program adapted from AA. The steps are designed to help a person admit they are powerless over their addiction. In addition, it helps them move past their guilt and shame by admitting their faults and making amends with the individuals around them.

  • How do NA Meetings help people quit using drugs?

    Individuals work the 12-steps and receive support and encouragement from fellow members and their individual sponsors. In addition, they begin to move past the guilt and shame and begin to make amends.

  • Do NA Meetings work to treat addiction and cravings?

    Yes, NA Meetings can help fight cravings and treat addiction. The 12-step meetings owe much of their success to sponsorship. Suppose an individual has the urge to use drugs, they can call their sponsor. Talking it out with a supportive individual helps remove the power from the cravings.

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