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Narcotics Anonymous In Quebec

It was during the 1940s that the first Narcotics Anonymous meetings started to pop up. The program was closely modeled after the Alcoholics Anonymous program. NA is a twelve step program. It is also a spiritual program. The program relives in treating an addiction to drugs as a mental illness instead of a personality flaw.

In Quebec, there are currently numerous cities that have very active Narcotics Anonymous meetings. In an attempt to make life as easy for addicts as possible Narcotics Anonymous tries to make sure that the meetings are always at the same time of the week and at the same location. It is also not unheard of for a group of recovering addicts to swiftly organizing an impromptu meeting whenever they feel that they need a little extra bolstering.

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While the twelve-step program is an important part of the recovery process is important, many of the people say that it is not the reason that Narcotics Anonymous works for them. They claim that the most important thing was knowing that they had a readymade group of people who not only understand what the addict is going through, but have gone through the same thing make all the difference in the world.

Most of the addicts who are regularly attending the meetings have not been in the recovery phase for very long. As the person stays off drugs, they usually find that they need to attend the meetings with less frequency, that they no longer need the unflagging support of the organization. Many of them say that knowing that the support system still exists, and that they can attend a meeting whenever they need to is really all the support they need.

When a person is new to the drug-free lifestyle, they often rely heavily on the program. They can't imagine life without it. This new recovering addict will often attend several meetings a week and call their sponsor every single day. One of the best things that their program does is provide these new recovering addicts with the confidence that they can overcome their addiction.

One of the best things about Narcotics Anonymous is that it doesn't matter what a person's economic situation is, they can attend the meetings. The program does not charge any membership fees or dues. To keep going, the program relies on donations.

Narcotics Anonymous does not affiliate itself with any organizations, universities, or businesses. The one thing that people need to think about is that Narcotics Anonymous is a very spiritual organization. The program feels that having a deity to believe in will make the recovery process easier. While the organization does have a specific religious affiliation, it is heavily Christian based. Just because a person is not a Christian does not mean that they cannot attend the meetings. The program won't turn anyone away, no matter what their affiliation might be.

The only requirement that the program has is that anyone who attends the meetings be committed to overcoming their addiction.

The information below will help you on how to find a NA meeting in Quebec. Since meetings change regularly, the list may be inaccurate. If you need more information on a specific meeting, please visit the website provided with that meeting.

List of NA Meetings in Quebec


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