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Drug Rehab Treatment Centers In Nanaimo, BC

Nanaimo is a city that is located on the gorgeous Vancouver Island. When people think of Nanaimo, they usually think of seaside views, and looking for native wildlife. They seldom think about things like substance abuse issues. The sad reality is that just because a person is surrounded by beauty doesn't mean that they don't think they need chemicals to help them get through the day.

The city of Nanaimo is on Vancouver Island and is a popular tourist destination and home to people who settle down for retirement. The drug and or alcohol problems that find their way into the city include issues with opioids, crack cocaine, and club drugs. The drug and alcohol rehabilitation services include over 50 different forms of help, which is outpatient treatment centers, alcoholic anonymous meetings, narcotics anonymous meetings, cocaine anonymous meetings, adult children of alcoholic's meetings, and naranon meetings. There are numerous locations across the city for 12-step support groups because of the older demographic of people living within the area.

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Nanaimo Residential Drug and Alcohol Treatment

For access to any type of long-term or short-term inpatient drug and alcohol rehabilitation programs, individuals and their families will have to travel to Victoria or over to the Vancouver area. Despite the many different support groups and outpatient services, there are not any formal residential drug and alcohol treatment services for men or women. Inpatient drug rehab is an excellent solution and can help people who are older and have been through multiple forms of help in the past.

Nanaimo Drug and Alcohol Detox Centers

The detox services that are available within the city of Nanaimo are primarily provided through the local hospital, or perhaps local medical clinics. Detox among older addicts must be done properly, and if they can attend a detox that is supervised by medical professionals, it will be a better option. Depending on what types of drugs the person is using and how much; this will determine what method of drug detox will be required to help them.

What Causes Addiction

The key to understanding and treating addictions is knowing that the person with the addiction isn't wholly to blame. Sure it is easy to look at them, and point a finger and say to stop drinking or to give up whatever their drug of choice might be. What research is starting to prove is that some people simply can't stop themselves from developing an addiction to certain types of addictions.

Some researchers believe that genetics play a large role in addiction if someone’s parents struggled with a substance abuse addiction; there is a good chance that their children will also develop some sort of substance abuse addiction.

Other people believe that addictions have something to do with brain chemistry. They feel that whatever section of the brain is responsible for moderation doesn't function properly in people who develop a substance addiction. It doesn't matter if the addiction is a result of genetics or brain chemistry, either way, the city of Nanaimo considers a substance abuse problem a mental illness.

Alcohol Addiction

Some people feel that since alcohol is a legal substance, they can't possibly be addicted to it. While alcohol is a legal substance, when it is abused, it can rip families apart, ruin lives, cause fatal accidents, and cause the addict to become unemployable. Since so many alcohol addicts don't believe their friends and family when they are told they have a problem. It often falls on local law enforcement to issue the wake-up call a person needs to realize that their drinking is out of control and that they need to get enrolled in an alcohol treatment program. One of the most effective means Nanaimo has for culling alcoholics out of the general population and getting them in a good drug rehabilitation treatment is through tough drunk-driving laws.

Drug Addiction

Drug addiction is something that usually becomes apparent during a person's teenage years. Early detection and youth educational programs are one of the ways that the city of Nanaimo is trying to reduce the number of drug addicts residing in the city. The city encourages parents to enroll their child in a drug treatment program. The plan is that if a kid gets the counseling, they need early on, they are less likely to be haunted by the addiction later in life.

Drug Rehab Services is the only service in Canada that has the most listing of all the treatment programs in Nanaimo, British Columbia. Now when calling these different Treatment centers. They will mostly tell you that they have the best program, that the program fits the person's need, etc. They will have different costs, duration, philosophies. The answer is "NO" not every program fits the person's needs. Drug Rehab Services takes into account over 15 different criteria such as age, drug of choice, etc. to refer you to the best possible facility. 

The information below will help you on how to find a drug rehab center in Nanaimo, British Columbia. The list could be incomplete, so if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us at 1-877-254-3348.

List of Drug Rehab Treatment in Nanaimo, British Columbia

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