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Narcotics Anonymous Open Meetings

Narcotics Anonymous holds a lot of open meetings. Open meetings can be attended by anybody, often family members or friends will attend. This can often act as encouragement for one of the NA members. There is also another reason that some family members of friends of an NA member would attend these open meetings. When the person has reached a certain stage, such as 6 months clean, or 1 year clean, etc. the family members and friends will attend an open meeting in order to celebrate this anniversary. The Narcotics Anonymous member will get validated for his achievement by family, friends and also fellow NA members.

There are also sometimes lawyers or judges who will attend open NA meetings. A lot of professionals will attend open NA meetings. They are often really in how NA goes about curing drug addiction. They can observe and see the results that the NA groups are getting and can also see how Narcotics Anonymous actually functions and how meetings are conducted.

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Of course, anybody that is present at Na open meetings who is not an NA member cannot participate in the meeting itself. They are only there to observe and only NA members will actually talk. It is also a good chance for someone who is in doubt about his drug habit. If one is not sure if he is or isn’t a drug addict, an open NA meeting could help clear it up as he will hear from recovering addicts and how they started out.

These open meetings are also one of the best ways to achieve the primary purpose of Narcotics Anonymous. With these, they can carry the message to the drug addicts who are actually still suffering. And it can also give them the message that there is help out there, and that they can and should seek it.

Source: http://na.org/


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