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Narcotics Anonymous Rate Of Growth

Narcotics Anonymous got off to a shaky start when it started in the 1950s. There were many problems within the groups themselves. There was a big decline up to the point wherein 1959, there were absolutely no meetings held for 4 months straight. There was also very slow growth in the 1960s, with ups and downs. However, in the 70s, Narcotics Anonymous really started growing and also started to expand into other countries, foreshadowing the worldwide phenomenon that the NA fellowship would become.

To show this growth, the following statistics have been outlined. In 1978, there were over 200 NA groups established in three different countries. Five years later, in 1983, there were almost 3,000 meetings held in 12 countries all around the world. Then, 10 years later, there were over 13,000 NA groups in 60 countries. In 2002, there were 20,000 NA groups established in 108 countries. They held over 30,000 meetings weekly. In 2007, there were over 25,000 groups of Narcotics Anonymous that held over 40,000 meetings each week. And NA groups had reached over 127 countries. Nowadays, there are over 60,000 meetings help worldwide each week.

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This shows just how quickly the Narcotics Anonymous fellowship spread all around the world. With drug addiction being a ravaging problem in just about every country in the world, it is important for these addicts to have a place where they can go and get help with people who have had the same problem.

Source: http://na.org/


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