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The 7 Step Program Of Alcohol Within The Nervous System

The central nervous system Definition of the word central nervous system is the control center for the body. Much like the space shuttle is controlled by NASA, the nervous system controls the brain and spinal cord. When it encounters an alien being, such as alcohol, it can change the course of life within the body.

We know that alcohol is a depressant Definition of the word depressant . It can mislead the brain, sending mixed signals. It can cause a person to do things he or she would never do if in their right mind. Alcohol impairs the memory, takes away the power of reasoning and a person makes really bad judgment calls. Strangers wake up together; girls go off and do something they would not have done if sober, guys get angry and hit a friend or loved one in anger; people get in vehicles drunk and wake up the next morning with charges of intoxicated manslaughter against them because they were involved in an accident on the way home.

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Suicides increase with the use of alcohol. An alcoholic's emotional state is affected. Insults lead to hurt feelings that might have been shrugged off in the light of a day. Painful memories are blown up and felt all over again. A person wonders how he or she will never survive a painful event and suddenly suicide comes to mind. Not thinking coherently, it feels as if this is the answer to what is needed. It isn't. It is simply alcohol misleading the brain once again.

Alcohol goes through the nervous system with its own 7-step program instead of the 12-step program that is used to fight relapsing. The 7-steps are these: first, subclinical, where a person's actions seem normal. Perhaps a little off but overall fairly okay. Second, euphoria, a misleading step. A person feels great, is partying and having fun. Unfortunately, this is short-lived and many people do not stop here. Third, excitement. Everything is felt overabundantly. This is where key impairment begins to turn everything around on a person. Fourth, confusion. Those blown-up memories mentioned earlier? This is when it occurs. Mental confusion and emotional states. Fifth, stupor. A person's ability to walk is severely affected. However, that same person wants to drive home. Motor skills are at their worst, although it was already beginning even in steps as early as the first one. Sixth, coma. Some may pass out. People have blackouts Definition of the word blackouts and cannot remember the night before. They got lucky. This is when it is easy just to stop breathing. If your friends are partying, they may assume you passed out. You could be in a coma, though. The final step? Death. Alcohol poisoning, respiratory arrest.

Make the right choice for your nervous system. Stay away from the seven-step program of death by alcohol.

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