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Marijuana Detox And Treatment In New Brunswick

What is marijuana?

Marijuana comes from the cannabis plant, where the leaves, stems, seeds, and flowers of the plant can be harvested and used for medical and recreational reasons. Some of these parts of the plant can be dried and smoked, turned into hashish, made into a tea, or baked into food and eaten. Marijuana is a widely-used drug in New Brunswick, and recent legalization has made recreational marijuana accessible for anyone of legal age. The most common way someone uses marijuana is by smoking it in a pipe, bong, or joint, as well as using it in baked goods to eat. Other methods to use marijuana include making a tea to drink, and recently using the drug in a vaporizer is now popular. The primary psychoactive Definition of the word psychoactive component in marijuana that makes it appealing for recreational use, is Tetrahydrocannabinol Definition of the word Tetrahydrocannabinol or THC, which is a mind-altering substance and affects people in distinctive ways. Varying levels of THC Definition of the word THC can be found in different strains of marijuana, and recent legalization in New Brunswick places strict regulations on what is produced and sold to adults. Marijuana will directly affect a person’s sensory perceptions, causing giddiness and relaxed state, however; it is not uncommon for users to become paranoid, anxious, and depressed. Marijuana will impact motor functions and coordination, which is why it is illegal to use marijuana and operate a vehicle. In fact, New Brunswick has stiffened impaired driving laws regarding marijuana. Marijuana use among adolescents will have a significantly negative impact on their brain, potentially causing learning problems, negative social behavior, and possible mental-health problems. Much of the reason for this is because the human brain does not become fully developed until someone reaches the age of 25.

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How does marijuana affect the body?

Marijuana can affect the body in a few ways, however; there are continually new studies arguing for the positive and negative effects of marijuana on the body. Recreational marijuana can have negative effects because of the THC. Marijuana smoke, for example, has the same number of carcinogens in it as tobacco smoke, and will, in fact, leave four times are much tar in the lungs as tobacco smoke. Marijuana smoke will eventually cause respiratory problems, and many heavy marijuana users have reported suffering from bronchitis. Pregnant women who use marijuana will be affecting the developing fetus in numerous negative ways, such as with its growth, body weight, impulse control, focusing ability, learning, memory, and decision making. Because of the recent legalization of marijuana in New Brunswick, adults of legal age have access to the drug. It is advised that if someone chooses to use marijuana, they do so informed of the possible risks and do so responsibly. Simply because marijuana is produced from a plant, does not mean it is safe to use, and there are many misconceptions surrounding marijuana because of this.

Marijuana in New Brunswick

Many people feel that New Brunswick is un-prepared for impaired driving with marijuana, now that the drug is legal across Canada. Impaired driving laws in New Brunswick prohibit people from using marijuana and operating a vehicle, and an individual can be charged the same as if they were using alcohol. Marijuana will impair a person’s motor skills and coordination, which directly affects how people operate a vehicle. Impaired driving is dangerous, and will lead to injury and death, and the combination of alcohol and marijuana is a common factor in many collisions and car accidents throughout Canada. Within the province of New Brunswick, roughly 17 percent of the population has reported using marijuana according to Stats Canada, and strict regulation in the province only permits people of legal age to purchase and use the drug.

The information below will help you on how to find a cannabis outpatient treatment in New Brunswick. The list could be incomplete, so if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us at 1-877-254-3348.

List of New Brunswick Cannabis Outpatient Rehabs


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