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Methadone Detox And Treatment In New Brunswick

It is estimated in Canada that an un-treated opiate user will cost society upwards of about $50,000 each year, while a methadone maintenance program in Canada for a single patient will cost around $6000 per year. While there are significant differences in cost for a single user, which is one reason why methadone is used to help opiate addicts throughout the country; the long-term effects and dangers of withdrawal have proven it cannot always be used a permanent solution. The province of New Brunswick has constantly faced a struggle with many of its residents battling opiate addiction, with very little treatment resources located in the province many people are forced to look out of the province for help. Within the province, it costs users almost ten dollars per dose of methadone, which can become very costly for patients on a long-term basis.

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Not only do the costs add up, but the overall problems taken on a person’s health will start to catch up. This is one of the primary reasons why users of methadone seek out methadone detox and treatment. A methadone detox program will help a user safely taper off of the drug, and will help monitor and control their withdrawal symptoms. Unfortunately, methadone is a very dangerous drug to stop taking abruptly, as the withdrawal symptoms are quite severe. During detox, other medications will be administered to help alleviate withdrawal discomfort; by the end of the detox, the patient will be completely off of all narcotic drugs. This will then allow the person to enter a drug treatment facility to help address their addiction, regardless of how long they may have been taking methadone.

Many methadone users will not always be simply using just methadone, on the occasions where they miss their daily dose; they will typically turn back to their former drug of choice so as to avoid the withdrawals. Some users will end up mixing other drugs with their methadone treatment. This simply shows in these cases that methadone will help a person stop abusing opiates, but the addiction itself must be treated. Methadone detox and treatment will help a person recover physically and mentally from their addiction to live a drug-free life. Substituting one drug for another is not always a viable solution, granted it does help users get off of such drugs like OxyContin and Heroin, but they are simply put on yet another drug. The best long term fix Definition of the word fix is, of course, drug and alcohol treatment with effective aftercare and taking all the steps necessary to maintain sobriety.

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