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Drug And Alcohol Interventionist Services In Northwest Territories

An intervention is considered structured communication between an addict and his or her loved ones that should be overseen by a trained and qualified interventionist. The success of the intervention is dependent upon who is attending, how well the family comes together, and it they follow through with tough love when necessary. Many families may feel that they need only talk to the addict and not have a third party involved. In these types of situations, the family may not see as much success with convincing the person to go, as an addict will play to the emotions of the family and will know what to say to avoid going for help. Interventionists work with the family and also ensure the addict fully understands the importance of receiving help.

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How would a family know when to intervene?

Because it is hard to talk to someone the family may think are abusing drugs or alcohol, it can be difficult to know when to intervene. It can be hard to know what to say and how to say it and ask questions like this and despite how difficult this may be it is a conversation that must be had. Some of the signs to look for in order to intervene includes:

  • Not being honest and acting secretive
  • Financial problems and always asking for money
  • Rapid mood swings and even aggressive behavior
  • Physical appearance may start to look un-healthy
  • Motivation and responsibility may be on the decline
  • There may be on-going issues with work
  • Re-occurring health problems

A drug or alcohol addiction does not stay hidden for long, and it is only a matter of when the family finds out. When this happens, they should act rather quickly and attempt to gather as much information as possible, and help the addict based upon the severity of his or her addiction.

Will the intervention turn into a giant family fight?

People should go into an intervention expecting some squabbling and fighting to occur, and this is why an intervention specialist is there to help mediate these issues. Because of the high emotions, it is important to stay calm and focused and work with the interventionist. The result of this is to help the addict get into a drug and alcohol rehabilitation program, and get the help he or she deserves.

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