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Long-Term Residential Drug Rehab Centers In Northwest Territories

Throughout the Northwest Territories, there is not a significant amount of drug treatment resources, and this includes facilities that provide long-term drug and alcohol treatment. This does make it moderately difficult for people to find help, because addiction, whether it is chemical or alcohol, plagues many families and individuals living throughout the territory. For many of the youth living within the Northwest Territories, it can become quite easy to fall into a problem with drugs or alcohol, whether this is marijuana or excessive drinking at a young age. With little resources and many small communities, a path that leads to drug addiction is unfortunately very easy to follow. Long-term drug and alcohol treatment centers are designed to help teens and adults, and in fact, there are numerous long-term facilities throughout Canada, specifically for adolescent drug abuse.

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If families are unsure of what to look for if they suspect a loved one is addicted, they can take a look at the following:

  • Judgment and decision making – early on when a person begins to use drugs or alcohol in excess they will begin to see lapses in judgment, followed by poor decision making. This can be applicable to both adults and teens, especially adolescents still in school, who normally are doing well but begin to make poor choices for no reason what so ever.
  • Learning and memory – adolescents in school will start to struggle with what they are learning and will find it very difficult to remember what they have been taught. Despite the size of the community, it can happen within larger schools or smaller ones, and learning problems can commonly be linked to problems at home or experimentation with drugs and alcohol.
  • Behavior – whether this is an adult or a teen, the family will begin to see rapid changes in his or her behavior, which will begin to affect all other aspects to their lives.

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