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Short-Term Residential Drug Rehab Centers In Northwest Territories

There are not a large number of drug and alcohol treatment resources located throughout the Northwest Territories; the majority of the programs available are outpatient centers, but many of these are short-term drug and or alcohol treatment centers. The short-term treatment process is the most commonly used method for delivering drug and alcohol treatment and is done on an outpatient or inpatient basis. Unfortunately, so many people who battle addiction do not always want help or go to a drug rehab center to get this help. Some addicts feel that rehabilitation will not help them, or they will never become sober. In other situations, the addict or his or her family may feel they cannot afford short-term treatment, and may not also want to pick up and leave for drug rehabilitation. When addicts do find a short-term drug and alcohol rehab center, they may feel it may not provide all the help they are looking for, whereas in other cases it is the exact help they need to become drug and alcohol-free. Finding quality short-term drug and alcohol treatment may be difficult for some addicts and their families, but many short-term drug treatment centers do offer effective rehabilitation for addicts.

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Are there are downfalls with short-term drug rehab?

This all depends on the person’s perspective because there are so many addicts who are not willing to give help a chance, and short-term programs are an excellent place for addicts to find the positive changes they are looking for. Some of the obvious downsides to short-term drug rehab are the length of time may not be enough for chronic drug users. Some addicts who have been using drugs for a very long time and have been through other forms of treatment during the past, may not benefit from short-term care, but will require a longer more in-depth treatment process to help them. Many of the short-term drug rehab centers available are government-funded programs, which normally means there are waiting lists and limited beds for patients. If an addict is wanting to get help right away, and is looking for a quick admission into treatment, they would benefit from contacting a private short-term drug treatment center.

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