Alcoholics Anonymous Meetings in Nova Scotia

AA meetings are excellent aftercare support options for people in recovery. The listing is detailed to help you or your loved one find an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting in Nova Scotia. Always confirm the time and location to make sure it is still available.


List of AA Meetings in Nova Scotia

The information below will help you on how to find an AA meeting in Nova Scotia. Since meetings change regularly, the list may be inaccurate. If you need more information on a specific meeting, please visit the website provided with that meeting.

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It is nearly impossible for someone, anyone, to overcome an addiction to alcohol on their own. The cravings are simply too much to ignore. If the person is serious about getting themselves dried out and then staying sober, they are going to have to get involved in a rehabilitation program. For some people, this means taking advantage of one of Nova Scotia’s government-run alcohol rehabilitation programs. For others, one of the chapters of Alcoholics Anonymous is the best possible solution.

Alcoholics Anonymous was first founded in 1945 by two men in Akron Ohio. Since then the program has become an international program. Millions of recovering alcoholics have credited the program with helping them walk away from booze and create a healthy, sober life for themselves. No other program has been nearly as successful. Considering the success of the Alcoholics Anonymous it should come as no surprise that so many similar programs including Narcotics Anonymous and Gamblers Anonymous have also been developed.

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Since the Alcoholics Anonymous program has become such a huge organization, in order to help manage everything it has been divided up into sections, or areas. All of the Alcoholics Anonymous members in both Nova Scotia and Newfoundland are part of Area 82. To further simplify things Area 82 has been divided into smaller chapters. In Nova Scotia, there are ten smaller chapters. Most of these chapters have nightly meetings that are held in different locations. The reason the locations of the meetings keep changing is so that the addicts have an easier time getting to least one or two meetings every single week.

For some people living in Nova Scotia, Alcoholics Anonymous is their only real option. The government has not created enough alcohol rehabilitation programs. As a result, these programs are not readily available to alcoholics who do not live in the more heavily populated cities.

Another reason some people are forced to use Alcoholics Anonymous instead of another rehabilitation program is the cost. Alcoholics Anonymous is free. The people who attend the weekly meetings are not charged any dues or membership fees. The organization isn’t run that way. For financing, Alcoholics Anonymous depends on donations which come from a variety of different places.

None of the Alcoholics Anonymous chapters in Nova Scotia are associated with any government, university, or organization. It is its own entity. The only thing that people need to consider is that Alcoholics Anonymous is very spiritual. Religion plays a huge role in the programs twelve-step process.

Alcoholics Anonymous does have one very simple requirement of its members. The program is only open to people who genuinely want to move past their addiction They do not appreciate having members who are only there because someone who is only there because someone who was told that they have to attend, who has no real desire to get drinking.

Area 89 has an excellent Website where anyone who lives in Nova Scotia and wants to get over an addiction to alcohol can get information about chapter meetings, the organization, and contact the board members who also live in the area.


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